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Each uses Bluetooth to ping the location of your lost item for fast recovery, and they can also be used to find your phone. Just double-press the Tile logo on your tracker to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent! Each tracker is also equipped with a QR code that anyone can scan to alert the Tile Network, so even if you don’t notice your wallet has gone missing, good samaritans can help you recover it. They’re compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri. It also includes a red dot finder scope so you can pick out objects to view before making adjustments to the main telescope. The included tripod makes it easy to take the telescope with you to find the best spots for viewing the night sky. It uses a USB-C cable for quick charging as well as data transfer, and the integrated battery gives you up to 10 weeks of use on a full charge. The case of the Kindle Paperwhite is also IPX8 rated for water resistance, which means that it can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water for about an hour or about a foot of seawater for 3 minutes before you need to panic. You can charge up to 4 devices at once, including smartphones, wireless earbud cases, smart watches, and even tablets. With up to 15W of charging, you’ll be able to power up all of your devices more quickly so you can spend more time doing what you need to and less time waiting for your batteries to top up. The compact design also means that it’s easy to take with you to collaborate with friends and other creators. Novation also has a library of step-by-step videos to help you set up and start creating, so even total beginners can experiment with sounds. The integrated battery lasts up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode, which blows the Apple Watch out of the water, and with GPS enabled, you’ll still get up to 20 hours of use before you need to plug in. You can even use the Garmin Forerunner 55 for contactless payment by syncing with your digital wallet and shopping apps. You can also use the app to choose between recording in stereo, bi-directional, and cardioid patterns to suit music, interviews, and other content types. It also comes with a windscreen, miniature tripod, and phone clamp to help you set up and create quality videos in minutes. With a color night vision mode, you can keep a better eye on your yard, garage, or the interior of your home while 2-way audio lets you speak to visitors, delivery people, and intruders without needing to open your door or enter the room. And with an automatic shut-off feature, you won’t have to worry about it overheating or causing damage to your work desk. The body of the hot plate is spill-proof, which makes it easy to wipe clean and safe from electrical shorts. And while the heating area itself is just 3.5-inches in diameter, the rimless design of the warming plate means that you can use that extra large mug on days when you could really use the caffeine. Plus, a built-in motion detector triggers recording to save battery and cloud storage space. You’ll be able to review up to 180 days worth of recordings and photos as needed. It even works with Alexa-enabled devices, so you can connect an Echo Show to the Ring doorbell to check video and audio feeds and talk to visitors and delivery people without having to open your door. Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED indicator lights, the Sphero Mini has everything it needs to get your kids interested in the basics of robotics, coding, and other STEM fields without feeling like they’re being lectured. Or you could spring for a big-ticket item like a smartwatch to help your loved ones stay connected without a phone, or a security camera system for peace of mind while traveling for work or while on vacation.