In the days leading up to CES, we’ve already see a handful of headline-worthy teases and reveals. From crowd pleasers like Samsung’s bezel-less TV, to strange products like the Alexa-enabled showerhead, the event is already shaping up to be the wildest yet. Tap or click here to see our CES 2020 preview. To get ready for the official start of the convention, we’re going over our favorite CES reveals that we currently know about. Not every one of these products is a winner, mind you. But some are strange and interesting enough to spark plenty of discussion. These are our top hits and misses for CES 2020.

From TV sets to robots: The hits of CES 2020

Between leaks and official teases, a number of product announcements are already known to the public before the doors to CES even open! These are the ones we’re looking forward to seeing in action the most.

Samsung steals the show with its bezel-less The Wall TV and rotating Sero TV

Samsung’s presence at CES is the stuff of legends. Nearly every convention has had something fantastic to display, and this year is no exception. Fans are already going gaga over the brilliant-looking The Wall TV, which features a gorgeous end-to-end display with no bezel. But that’s not the only high-end monitor Samsung is bringing to Vegas this year. A brand new device dubbed “The Sero” is making a splash with its unusual rotating design. Finally, you’ll be able to watch videos shot on iPhone in their natural state, or TikToks in native resolution on the big screen. In addition to new monitors, the company is also rolling out some new privacy options for its family of smart TVs. These settings will give users more say in what data is collected, and will create more private viewing experiences going forward. Tap or click to learn more about Samsung’s plans for CES 2020.

LG’s rolling TV unfolds at CES 2020

LG’s innovative new OLED TV R is a radical take on television design. Unlike traditional sets that are constructed with a solid frame, this TV unrolls via a flexible display stored in the base. At a 1/4 inch thick, it’s one of the thinnest TVs ever. Unfortunately, the price tag isn’t so skinny: $60,000! That’s the price you pay for innovation, I guess. But if it comes between a new car and a rolling TV, I know what I’m choosing.

Bosch’s new smart sun visor fixes a major problem with driving

Any time you have to drive in the direction of the sun, your experience can become miserable. That sun visor you put down to protect your eyes will only do so much in the later afternoon. And sometimes, if it’s bright enough, it can feel like you’re driving blind. But leave it to Bosch to combine camera technology with this traditionally low-tech car feature to create an advanced video feedback system that blocks out the sun — and not your field of vision. Hopefully, this makes it into more cars in the years to come.

Wayzn smart sliding glass door opener makes every home pet friendly

Installing a doggy door can be a drag — especially if you have nice sliding doors to begin with. Fortunately, this innovative door opener by Wayzn will open and close screen doors to make any sliding entryway perfect for dogs with business on the mind.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold is the world’s first foldable PC

Imagine an iPad that folded up like a laptop for security and safety. It might sound like a pipe dream, but Lenovo seems to have beaten Apple to the punch! The ThinkPad X1 Fold is the world’s first true foldable PC, and features an all-screen design that puts the best of both tablets and laptops into one monster machine.

Mophie’s Powerstation Go fulfills the destiny of the AirPower mat (and can also jump your car)

The loss of the AirPower mat was a tragic one for Apple fans. Instead of an official solution to charging multiple Apple devices, now users have to rely on third parties to pick up the torch. Tap or click to see why we placed the AirPower mat on our list of the worst gadgets of the decade. But third parties are sometimes willing to go where Apple won’t, and the Mophie Powerstation Go is a perfect example. This innovative power strip can charge multiple devices like phones, tablets and watches. What’s more, it even comes with jumper cables that can power your car. Yes, really!

Weird, wacky tech: The misses of CES 2020

Not every item previewed for CES 2020 was a hit. These are some of the more unusual products that crossed our path.

Segway rolls out a WALL-E inspired S-Pod chair

Segway just won’t stay down. Despite years of setbacks with its mobility products, the latest entry from the scooter extraordinaire is an unusual, egg-shaped chair that rolls on its own power. It even features an honest-to-goodness landing gear like a plane. Tap or click to look closer at the Segway S-Pod.

Charmin presents: The domestic robot you never asked for

Being stranded on the toilet without paper is enough of a nightmare. So why not make it worse by asking a heartless robot to fetch another roll of paper for you? Charmin may make some of the softest TP around, but these bear-like robots don’t seem quite as gentle as the company would like them to be.

Smart shower heads from Kohler: Just when you thought you’d seen it all

At first glance, it does seem pretty cool to be able to request tunes directly in the shower when you freshen up for the day. But upon closer inspection, one might ask why in the shower head? Wouldn’t it just be easier to put an Echo dot in the bathroom? No doubt the Echo will sound better than the one being muffled by running water. Plus, why even bother changing the temperature by voice? There is such a thing as a temperature knob, you know. Maybe the future really has arrived.

Automation comes for waiters and servers: Meet Bellabot

Scientists, futurists and politicians are already yelling from the rooftops about how robots will take our jobs in the near future. While the problem of automation is something serious to consider, the designers of Bellabot seemed to have already jumped the gun. This cute, cat-like robot is meant to replace servers and waiters at restaurants — but will anyone really feel comfortable placing orders and receiving food from a robot? At least you won’t have to tip. From what we can gather, expect even more cool and unusual gadgets to be revealed over the course of CES 2020. Plus, if you’re interested in following the show as it happens, tap or click below to watch the CES 2020 event panel discussions.