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If you want something for older kids, like topics such as the exploration of Mars or the Civil War, then you’ll enjoy the Brainpop Featured Movie app. With both applications, the entire movie catalog is behind a paywall, with subscriptions starting at $99 per year. They’re unavailable as an in-app upgrade, so you’ll have to jump over to the browser to sign up. Along with the videos, you get quizzes and other interactive activities that are pretty fun and engaging. Many schools use Brainpop, so it’s a great resource to keep your child’s mind active. BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week (free)

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The survival mode is more challenging, as you must forage for blocks to avoid all kinds of enemies. But again, the zombies and others are out to get you. That don’t have the level of gore that other games feature. Minecraft also saves your progress; you can switch apps by multitasking but return to the same spot. Now that it’s part of Microsoft expect it to remain a contender among the top games on Android. Minecraft 

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