Basically, AppChat creates a chatroom for all the apps on your phone or tablet. You can log in, talk to other users, even share files. In addition to the app listings, you’ll also see device manufacturer chatrooms specific to your device. It’s a great way to research bugs, ask for tips, find new apps. Not bad for a completely free app. AppChat (free) It offers several different layout options including magazine, thumbnails, list view. There are also light dark themes to choose from. Background sync notification support ensure you’ll never miss an important story with labre, the smoothness of the app cannot be understated. It’s completely free to use if you don’t mind the occasional embedded ad in your feed, but a $2.49 in-app upgrade removes those. labre (free, $2.49 in-app upgrade) Manual Camera was released in early 2015 to take advantage of the camera2 A, it does so admirably with support for manual zoom, ISO, white balance, RAcapture, more. The UI isn’t nearly as confusing as some comparable apps, it’s extremely fast. If you want to squeeze a little more performance out of your camera, this is the app to use. Manual Camera ($2.99) For example, add your full address to Texp use something short like “adr” to have it inserted. This app even supports dynamic values like the time, date, your current clipboard contents. That last one is a real lifesaver. Texp is free for up to 10 phrases, but after that you’ll need to buy the $2.99 pro version. Texp (free, $2.99 pro) If you want to show someone else a photo, you can lock the screen to it so they can’t poke around. Going a step further, there’s a private vault where you can put any photos you want to keep away from prying eyes. It even supports fingerprint unlocking on Android 6.0. It’s free with a $2.99 upgrade that adds the private vault, a dark theme, custom tags. Focus (free, $2.99 in-app upgrade) xolor (free) Custom Quick Settings (free, $1.49 in-app upgrade) Native Clipboard (free) Snapseed (free) One of the coolest features is an overlay mode that allows you to watch individual C core load as you use the device. It’s great for identifying apps that slow down the system, that’s just the start. Advanced users can build custom profiles from more than 30 data points to collect analyze data. It’s the most powerful app of its kind, it’s free. Trepn ofiler (free)