These apps are presented in no particular order, note that to qualify, they had to be either released in 2016, or at least completely overhauled updated in 2016. Many apps released in prior years are still some of the best around, but that’s not what this list is about. isma (free) Radon (free) The app is dead-on material design, the developers are constantly churning out original images for the app. There are also user submitted images that are curated to filter out the junk. Backdrops is free if you don’t mind a few ads, but a small in-app purchase unlocks several premium collections the option to save wallpapers offline. Backdrops (free, $1.49 in-app upgrade) It pulls the speed limit data from OpenStreetMap, so most metro areas even some more rural ones are covered. Velociraptor can also alert you if you exceed the speed limit. Not many free apps can save you from a big speeding ticket. Velociraptor (free) The swipe controls let you advance to the next article in your feed, go back, mark as read. You can also toggle on full-screen a stripped down readability mode with a single double-tap, respectively. The free version has ads, but upgrading gets rid of those enables all the gestures. Newsfold (free, $2.49 upgrade) After installing Ivy, you get a translucent hle at the edge of the screen, allowing you to launch the Ivy interface at any time with a swipe. It can show shortcuts to apps contacts, as well as a live RSS feed full home screen widgets. The theme is also completely customizable. The only annoyance is a persistent hidden notification that keeps the app alive in the background. If you’re okay with that, Ivy is super-useful. Ivy (free) Inkwire (free) You can also choose certain link types (eg. YouTube) that Flyperlink won’t try to open. You can leave a page in the bubble, easily accessible at the edge of the screen while you do something else. It also includes a button to instantly send a link to your chosen backup browser in the event you need something more powerful. Flyperlink is free to try, but there are ads unless you upgrade to pro. That also enables popup mode. Flyperlink (free, $0.99 in-app upgrade) Contextual App Folder (free) This isn’t just another app that takes a photo of a photo, though. otoScan has you capture a snapshot of the whole photo, then it places four points in the viewfinder near each corner of the image. Simply hover the viewfinder over each of those points, the app captures image data. It then slices up the image into segments puts them back together as a digital image, minus the glare distortion. Your images are automatically backed up to otos, too.  otoScan (free)