ar Mini uncher is so much easier. It’s a scrollable panel of your apps that can be pulled up with a swipe gesture from the edge of your choice. There are appearance options, layout tweaks, more. There’s even a quick settings panel built-in. The developer is committed to making Mini uncher better, it’s free with optional in-app donations. ar Mini uncher (Free) Choose from the presented kipedia listings swipe to get through the various sections, which is better than scrolling through the whole article. That would get into just-use-a-phone l.   Attopedia (Free) xtoCam is more than a remote shutter, which is already included in the official Camera app. The app streams the viewfinder to your watch so you can frame a shot capture it on your wrist. It’s also hy for shooting video just looking behind things. It’s $2 well spent.  xtoCam ($2) Find My one will instantly vibrate the watch to let you know communication with the phone has been lost. You can also launch the app to make your phone ring if it’s within Bluetooth range (perfect for the next time it goes on an adventure in the couch cushions). The developer has been keeping up with bug fixes new additions too. The free version has the general features, but a $1 in-app purchase unlocks all the settings. Find My one (Android ar) (Free, in-app purchase) Each time an app is installed, updated, or removed, you’ll get a card notification on the watch. No one has yet figured out a better way to do this, so ar Apps Tracker is definitely a top app in 2014. ar Apps Tracker (Free) st a few taps on your watch you can split a check complete with tip. You can use it on round or square watches, but it looks best on round ones. You drag the marker around the edge of the screen to adjust the bill, add the tip, then split it up. It’s slick, you can try it for free. The splitting functionality is unlocked with a $2 in-app purchase. ar Tip Calculator (Free, in-app purchase) Facer ($1) Stayt ar: nger Backlight ($1) Aeris ar ather (Free, in-app purchase) jie Black ($1.27)