’ve dug up both spooky cute games, wallpapers, apps that should put you in the Halloween spirit. Most are either free or just a couple of bucks, well worth the cost for some spooktacular delight. Have a favorite we didn’t mention? t us know about it in the comments! You have to rescue pint-sized pumpkin children from the feathered birds of doom, who want to steal them away for nefarious purposes. If you fail lose all the “pumpkids” the game is over.  Some of the birds drop coins when you shoot them, which can be used for upgrading your arsenal, starting with more pumpkids, other enhancements.  There’s the usual in-app upgrade options, though this game will hook you in is worth paying for to keep playing ad-free. Shoot the Zombirds (Free) You can tweak how quickly or slowly the screens scroll so you don’t get sick while looking at your phone. There’s an arachnophobia option if spiders creep you out—even if they’re not real. Halloween ve llpaper world ($1) Use it as a way to practice before doing the real thing or occupy the minds of your little goblins. There’s a free version if you want to try it out, but it’s strangely addictive is worth the $2 to nix the ads. mpkin Carver o HD ($2) There’s no shortage of zombie games in the ay Store, but at least this one will excercise your mind. ants vs. Zombies 2 (Free) It’s a mashup of hidden objects puzzle-solving, as to unlock safes, cabinets, other items you must solve riddles or track down hidden buttons.  There’s also an excellent sequel, but start here so you can follow the storyline in order. The Room ($1) You’ll need to pinch zoom your way through various creepy scenes to find jack-o-lanterns, skulls, other symbols of l Hallow’s Eve. If finding pictures is too easy you want to ramp up the difficulty instead look for hidden words or silhouettes. Hidden Objects – Happy Haunts (Free) At first you must do this unarmed. But in short measure you can earn weapons, a zombie-attacking down other enhancements to extend your life. There are several different control options, such as tilting your device to manuever through the zombie fields or virtual, on-screen controls. Into the Dead works with the Moga controller if you want to play with some real buttons. Into the Dead (Free) This interactive storybook is a clever app for introducing children to the classic story or enjoying it over again. It also comes with games other activites, such as a costume contest trick-or-treating adventure with Charlie his gang. The story is narrated by Robbins, the original voice of Charlie . The story also includes the original script, making it a pretty cool memento. Great mpkin Charlie ($0.99) The Ghost Communicator 13 Director says it uses “complex algorithms” to analyze electrical field to find out if someone, or something, is trying to communicate from the other side. It may work for a cool party trick or a way to flip out your overly gullable cousin into believing their house is haunted. Ghost Communicator 13 Detector  (Free) th the Halloween ringtones app you can assign sounds to contacts for calls, texts, or for other system actions like the alarm.  It has a large collection of sounds, so it’s fun to just browse through it listen to all the Halloween creepiness. If there’s a sound you really love you can put it on the home screen as a widget. Halloween Ringtones (Free) You’ll have to solve puzzles, find hidden clues, interact with the characters to prove your worth to Sherlock as a member of his Homeless Network of assistants. There’s scenes with edict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, other main characters filmed specifically for the game, so it’s highly recommended if you’re a fan or just want a solid game. Sherlock: the Network (Free) Not only is it a sick fighting game, but you also get to exp on Batman’s wardrobe, with tons of custom armor suits to be earned.  It does have a ton of the obligatory in-app upgrades, but you may not mind if you have enough fun taking out all of Gotham’s enemies. Batman Arkham Origins (Free)