Unlike apps like Prisma, however, PORTRA features overlays which are built by melding various vibrant shades of watercolors, sketches and oil paintings. Despite my initial hesitations though, the filters produced surprisingly natural and apt outcomes without sacrificing the details of the original shot. One of the more admirable aspects of the app is how well it manages to add subtle shadows. PORTRA believes these filters essentially turn your pictures into artworks and in a lot of ways, that’s true. They do look quite impressive, and the pictures of our in-house model — Genie — embedded here will further reaffirm that statement. However, the app’s page doesn’t mention about any neural networks being employed, and that occasionally shows in complicated instances where PORTRA fails to apply the filter properly.

Furthermore, a bunch of effects like Sepia does need to be updated as the current ones seem a tad bit aggressive with contrast. Currently, there are nineteen filters available with more coming soon in future updates. Whenever you import a picture, the app asks you to crop a portrait section if it’s landscape and analyses it for faces. Moreover, you can even tune the intensity and the impact area covered by a specific area. Once done, PORTRA allows you to share or save the image in high resolution. However, according to the App Store reviews, the iOS app doesn’t function very well and is susceptible to regular crashes. Still, PORTRA is certainly worth a try, and it’s entirely free of costs. You can download it for Android and iOS from the links down below. Play Store Link App Store Link