Most of these choices are games, but the Gear VR lets users do much more. Whether you want to joyride around a futuristic city with a jetpack. Or enjoy some personal time in your own private theater. The Gear VR lets you dip into VR cheaply. So long as you already have or are planning to get a new Samsung phone. Without any pesky wires or high-end pads to configure.

Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Wars 2 ($9.99)

BombSquad VR

BombSquad VR ($2.99)

Esper 2

Taking the role of a telekinetic test subject. You’ll grab things with your mind, a tap on the touch panel move them by moving your head. Everything works terrifically, but the variety of cleverly designed puzzles is the big draw. Thanks to its impressive presentation and intuitive design. Esper 2 is also an outstanding game to introduce VR to your friends. Esper 2 ($9.99)

Land’s End

Land’s End ($7.99)

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

Minecraft VR offers the chance to play the game in true VR or in a ‘2D’ view. Where you’re essentially viewing the game on a big screen within VR. The latter option is for those who might otherwise suffer from motion sickness in full immersion mode. The game requires a controller; thus far, it’s incredibly picky about it. Leading to a lot of frustration among users who have pads that won’t work. Beyond that issue, which we hope gets patched up quickly. This is a thoroughly impressive take on the classic block survival game. Minecraft: Gear VR Edition ($6.99)

Netflix VR

Netflix VR (Free)

Omega Agent

Omega Agent ($9.99)

Samsung Internet

The browser works well and has an impressively intuitive interface for the most part. We’d like to see it sync automatically with our previously-stored bookmarks. Still, it does just what you’d expect a browser to do. Samsung Internet for Gear VR (Free)


Darknet ($9.99)

The Night Café

It would have been preferred for the app take a more educational approach. Instead of just dropping you into the painting without explaining the elements involved in Van Gogh’s art. This is still a VR experience well worth your time. The Night Café (Free)

Milk VR

Milk VR also doubles as a VR movie player for outside content. So if you find a VR video somewhere else on the web, Milk will play it. The one caveat is the picture quality is far better if you download the content. Instead of streaming, which is inconvenient. Milk VR (Free)