But any new initiative is only as good as the software. Even in the early days of Daydream, some true gems have emerged that you should check out right away. has the money influence to do VR right, from what we’ve seen so far things are off to a good start. Here are some titles to get you going if you’re looking for something new or are just getting started in the world inside of the goggles. aying through the experience is rather slow going, as you need to mix up some ingredients in Newt Scamer’s workshop then use your remote to cast the spells so the magical creatures stay calm. Die-hard tter fans will love it, though everyone ought to check it out to experience what it’s like to explore such a mystical world. Fantastic Beasts (free) YouTube VR (free) There’s a “magic book” that you can follow if you want some guidance, or you can go with a free-form mode. Another nicety is there are no in-app upgrades to contend with. st download the free app get to exploring. It’s also worth noting that Daydream isn’t recommended for those under 13, so you’ll need to tell the littler ones they need to be a bit older before they can slap on the goggles. go BrickHeadz Builder VR (free) You choose one of two characters that must battle their way through a dark dangerous world filled with demons. The game accelerates in difficulty fast with enemies coming at you from many different angles. But I found it very engrossing, it’s a style of play that works very well in virtual reality. Hunters Gate ($5.99) There are several other experiences that are tied to current events (like the just-completed presidential election), numerous human interest stories, opportunities to visit outside of Earth. It’s a unique way to experience the news, it’s one that’s worth taking the time to experience given you don’t need a es subscription to check it out. NYT VR (free) You have to manipulate various objects in order to send the goat to freedom. There are a ton of explosions clever traps thrown in that make this a great game for those who want something that will challenge your brain inside of the VR environment while also holding onto a playtful theme. ger Goat ($5.99) The Arcslinger ($7.99) Star Chart VR (free) As fun as the game is, it made me wonder about the possibility for other sports integrations with Daydream, as it’d be fun to play a more robust baseball game where you pitch can throw others out at first. ssibilities exist for golf, football, many others. M.com Home Run Derby ($4.99) has aggregated some spots around the globe worth checking out, such as historic buildings, national parks, high-end buildings. But you can use the search function to also check out your local coffee shop “walk” around it with your Daydream headset. This app is a great example of the possibilities of how VR can change your perspective on previously-existing technology. Street View (free) This apps takes you inside an NFstadium, rock concerts, monster truck rally, various other live events. I was truly impressed with the views, looking around at the crowd at Metfe Stadium as well as the crowds bouncing around during a Coldplay concert. New content shows up all the time, so be sure to come back regularly take time to explore all of the different video options. NextVR (free) The environment is immersive, you’ll be turning your head often to view the alien spacecraft zooming by to track down all the enemies. There may be some sticker shock with the price, but welcome to the world of VR gaming where the experience is an entirely new level up from traditional mobile gaming. Gunjack 2: End of Shift ($12.99)