When your child’s health is on the line, you cannot afford to go with a subpar baby monitor. We take that responsibility seriously, carefully surveying the market to find the very best baby monitor for your growing family. Here’s what we found.   Also: New ‘Smart sock’ camera and app let you track your baby’s sleep and heart rate  While shopping for baby supplies, check out our expert reviews for the best GPS trackers and devices for kids, as well as the best smartwatch for your older kids!

High-definition 720P video5" LCD screenBuilt-in noise cancellation1000mW incorporated speaker

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro is our best overall pick for the best baby monitor, offering a system specifically designed for infants. This baby monitor provides high-definition 720P video to a 5" LCD screen. You have the ability to utilize controls like pan and tilt with zoom up to 6x, thanks to interchangeable lenses that you can add on at any time. Sound quality is excellent with built-in noise cancellation that uses patent-pending active noise reduction. This serves to filter out any unnecessary noises, like sounds from a fan, air conditioner, or humidifier. It even filters out any static, so you get clear audio through the 1000mW incorporated speaker. The system transmits to a single monitor, a benefit the manufacturer claims will boost security from hackers.   

HD camera equipped with night visionA.I. Baby Safety AlertsTwo-way audio featureCompatible with both iOS and Android

The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor comes as part of a whole three-piece set, with an HD camera equipped with night vision. It is a full-faceted system that combines modern technology with the traditional baby monitor. You will receive A.I. Baby Safety Alerts that can detect if your baby’s face is covered by a pillow, potentially impacting breathing. It can track your baby’s movements and notify you in real time when your baby is crying. There are even sleep analytics available to help you monitor how well and how much your baby is sleeping. If you want to sing your child to sleep with a favorite lullaby, the two-way audio feature is an enormous help.  The system is compatible with both iOS and Android, as well as your smart home system to simplify access.  

Sleep tracking to monitor sleeping habitsAudio and videoCrying detectionExpandable with additional cameras

The Lollipop Smart Baby Camera is a model created for both newborns and toddlers with incorporated night vision to ensure that your child remains in full view at all times. The Wi-Fi-enabled system uses video to provide key features, but there is also an audio mode that will notify you when your hands are full.  You can also use the sleep tracking feature to monitor your baby’s sleep habits, something that is especially important for newborns. True crying detection means that there is a minimum 96% accuracy rate when differentiating between crying and other noises.  You can also hook up additional cameras to improve your viewing capabilities, thanks to multi-streaming mode. 

Smartphone appSleep analytics Live breathing waveformIntegrated 1080P HD video with night visionSound alerts. 

With the Miku Pro Smart Baby Camera, you can download the corresponding app using your smartphone to bypass the normal pesky video controls. There are available sleep analytics based on the number of respirations per minute, or RPMs, to help ensure your child maintains healthy breathing and does not suffer from any obstructions to the airway. Breathing is easy to track using the live breathing waveform built into the system. Its SensorFusion technology bypasses typical wearables and batteries to provide contact-free tracking. Meanwhile, the local processor serves to analyze data, delivering it directly to you in a report that tracks things like how long your baby is awake versus total sleep time. You can also view movements with integrated 1080P HD video, night vision, and sound alerts. 

DECT 6.0 technologyFilters out background noiseIntegrated night lightVibrating sound alertsLED display1,000ft range

The VTech DM221 is a bit different from the other best baby monitors on our list because it focuses on audio whereas others deliver video. Its DECT 6.0 technology focuses on providing clear audio while filtering out background sounds that can interfere with your baby’s sounds.  Also included is an integrated night light, plus vibrating sound alerts designed to help ensure that you never miss a moment, even if you are on the move throughout the house. Plus, there is a talk-back intercom if you want to calm your child from another room. The LED display indicates the level of volume in your child’s room at all times, further simplifying monitoring.  Sleek in silver and white, this unit offers a range of up to 1,000 feet, giving parents greater freedom of movement. 

Features: One of the most important things about a baby monitor is the type of features it offers. From enhanced audio to built-in night lights, there are many different options that a baby monitor can provide. Internet: Many of the best baby monitors are Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing you to receive real-time alerts.  Compatibility: Some systems are compatible with your smartphone, while others may even work with your smart home system. Cost: We pay close attention to price, ensuring that there is an option to suit all different kinds of budgets for the best baby monitor.