Below, ZDNet has listed devices, gadgets, and accessories remote students will find useful in the upcoming academic year. No matter what level of school you or your student is in, everyone needs a printer, which is why this HP wireless color printer is our top pick for must-have back-to-school gear. This printer works with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and comes in a compact size. You can use the HP Smart app to set up your HP wireless printer, scan documents with your camera, and even documents print from your smartphone.  Pros: 

Wireless printing Print from smartphone or tablet 2-sided printing 


Can be difficult to set up

A suitable camera has become a key accessory for attending lessons and lectures conducted online, and a quality cam is useful for virtual meetups with friends and family, too.  When you need to jump on a call but your PC has no camera—or your laptop’s inbuilt system simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to quality streaming—this 720p widescreen camera could be a great alternative, or a backup if your embedded camera fails.  Compatible with various Windows PC systems, the camera can be clipped on to your device at the angle you prefer. The Logitech C270 also includes automatic light correction and works for video calls made through applications including Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom as it sports a 30 frames per second streaming rate.  Pros: 

Noise-cancelling microphone Smooth and clear video Universal design


Resolution could be better

Also: Best webcams: Top choices for WFH video calls College students will especially benefit from this monitor that not only gives them more screen space for school projects, but doubles as a TV monitor to stream movies or TV shows from. This 27-inch Samsung monitor has built-in speakers, a remote control, and access to your favorite streaming apps so you can use it as a TV. When you need it for schoolwork, it hooks up with your computer seamlessly, and is even compatible with Apple AirPlay.  Pros: 

Compatible with entertainment apps like Netflix and YouTubeEasy to set up Allows for a full PC experience without the PC


Average color display

The Kindle Paperwhite comes with 8GB storage (upgradable to 32GB), which should be more than enough to cater for reading for pleasure and studies. The bundle also comes with a leather cover and adapter.  Pros:

Adjustable front lightAccess to thousands of book titles


Kindle Unlimited costs $10 extra a month after trial period 

We all know someone who tends to lose everything from their keys to their wallet. If you’re one of these people, this Tile Mate Essentials 4-Pack is the perfect solution as you go back to school. It comes with four different Tiles to put in various places. Whenever you lose something, simply use the free Tile app to find what it is you’re looking for.  Pros: 

Get Smart Alert notifications when you leave something behindFour different Tiles to work with different items 


Cannot replace battery once it dies 

The student who needs to tune out all distractions will need noise-canceling headphones. This pair from Anker claims to block out up to “90% of ambient noise.” They also support the same Bluetooth 5 protocol as the much more expensive  AirPods Max headphones. The headphones also boast features like hi-res audio and BassUp technology. When you need to talk during a virtual class, the headphone’s microphone enhances voice pick-up to ensure you sound crystal clear on the other end. Pros: 

Inexpensive but still packed with features 40-hour playtime should be enough for multiple days of online classesHi-res audio certified


Micro-USB charging option is slower than USB-C No included carry case (does include a pouch)

It’s always a good idea to have a backup system in place for important documents, files, and media. For students, having an extra copy of coursework and essays in case of device failure can be crucial to their success.  While cloud storage is an option, if you prefer to have a physical backup at hand—and one that could also be used to store media, films, television shows, photos, and more—a portable storage drive is an alternative.  Seagate’s device, coming in at $60 for 2TB, is also available with up to 5TB storage in a portable format or much more storage space if users are happy to keep them on their desks, with up to 16TB on offer.  Pros: 

1 year of Rescue Data Recovery Services included with purchase Easily drag and drop files 


Device heats up after prolonged use

Also: Best external hard drives: Top SSDs and storage This lap desk allows students to get work done on the couch or even in bed while still having a dedicated desk space. It has space for a laptop, a phone, and even a wireless mouse. It’s padded and contoured perfectly to fit in your lap so you can get work done in your favorite comfortable chair. The lap desk even comes in various color options like white marble, blush pink, and espresso wood grain.  Pros: 

Built-in phone slot and track pad surface Holds up to 15. 6-inch laptops and most tablets


Mouse pad isn’t the best

When students are required to stare at a screen for hours, their eyes and concentration can suffer, but the right light and ambiance can help.  The days of harsh lighting in rooms from traditional light bulbs are long past with the introduction of IoT and smart lighting products in our homes. Philips Hue is a well-known name in this space, with both white and color options available to replace ceiling lights.  Controllable via mobile apps or voice assistants, these lights provide a range of colors and temperatures suitable for everything from watching a film to studying. Students may find the white light options particularly useful to aid in concentration while they are working remotely.  Pros: 

Create customized room colors and settings Control the lighting with your voice 


If you have Google Assistant, you need a Hue Bridge to use these bulbs

Running out of juice for your devices can be irritating, but when students are in the middle of a remote learning lecture or discussion, this can be far more disruptive.  Every year, portable power packs become smaller and lighter as the technology used to build them improves, and Anker’s product line is no exception.  The Anker PowerCore Select 20000mAh is a slim and portable battery for smartphones and other mobile devices that is able to power up to two flagging gadgets at the same time. Anker’s power pack can keep students connected when they need an extra surge of power most—and may also be a useful addition to throw in a backpack for holidays and events.   Pros: 

Charges devices on the go Dual-ports for charging multiple devices


Take a long time to charge the bank itself 

Pros:  Cons: The $56 Logitech MK550 wireless wave keyboard and mouse combination does not have any backlit lighting or particularly stylish accessories but has been designed to provide a comfortable resting place for a user’s palms and wrists. When writing essays or completing coursework, this is likely to be far more important to students than fancy bolt-ons to help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.  Suitable for Windows PCs, this keyboard and mouse are wireless and connect via USB dongles. The entry-level price point, too, makes the kit affordable for today’s students.  Pros: 

Comfortable to use Good battery life


Does not work with Mac or iOS

Also: Best keyboards Students coming into the next academic year can probably expect remote learning to still be around, and so devices or accessories that can make a difficult situation slightly easier or more comfortable—whether a laptop desk to take the strain off their back or a notepad that can be used to port scribbles directly into digital coursebooks—can only be of benefit.