Cardboard (Free)

Cardboard Camera (Free)

The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience (Free)

Jaunt VR (Free)

Within VR

Within VR (Free)

Proton Pulse Plus

Proton Pulse Plus ($2.99)

Star Wars

Star Wars (Free)

YouTube VR

YouTube VR (Free)

New York VR

New York VR (Free)

It’s easy to see why it makes for an engaging VR experience; it is effortlessly entertaining. You don’t have to tap anything or use a controller. It’s about subtly shifting your gaze as you fall, which you’ll do to avoid smashing into buildings or racking up a chain of score boosts. It looks great, it’s a lot of fun, and it’ll also test your balance if you opt to play Sting Up. Bonus!

Caaaaardboard ($2.99)

Titans of Space (Free)

Street View (Free)

Visually, it’s the best thing I’ve played in VR; everything moves fluidly, with lots of effects and pulsing lights hooking you into the world. There isn’t much to the gameplay here, as you’re simply staring at threats to shoot them out of space; even then, it didn’t feel like the shots always came when I expected them to. But it’s an enrapturing demo that I’ll play again and again until the full version eventually releases.

Vanguard V (Free)

Sisters (Free)