The batch of cases in this roundup mostly stick to that principle, although there are also a few bulky sturdy options if you don’t want to take any risks. Your smartphone is probably always with you, so the right case matters a great deal.  I was able to squeeze three credit cards into the slot that’s in the front flap, but keep in mind you’re trading off the bulk of a wallet for a heftier phone case. However, this one is definitely a looker is about as small as you can get for a wallet case. It did make me wonder what would happen if the phone was dropped on the side, as those curved edges were definitely exposed. It’s a great case, but not a good choice if you’re clumsy. There are many, you’ll be happy with the version that Case-Mate has created. The case may be “naked,” but it’s designed to be strong as well. The cushioning on the edges is thick the company says that it has “anti-scratch” technology to reduce the potential for blemishes.  The case is definitely think, so there will be no mistaking that it’s in your pocket. But if you want something solid looks good (blue black are the options) then the lican otector is a good choice.  ile the black option looks nice, there are three other models: gray, blue, olive. There’s also a teal/gray black/gray alternative if the white pattern isn’t your thing. The most I was able to cram in to the inside flap was three, which could be sufficient for sticking close to home. But there isn’t any room for cash, the whole package is a little bulky. However, Tech21 designs great products, I found myself making this part of the regular rotation of cases I kept going back to for my own personal use. The phone fits in there well, just as I’ve found to be the case with other Incipio cases. The lining comes in pink, gray, blue, black. It’s a good choice if you want something minimalist but also feels like it’ll offer a sufficient amount of protection. The back flap does feel like it could come off easily, so best not to get too rough when trying to open close it to access your card.