You need a case, but deciding whether to enclose your phone inside of a mini tank or a svelte glove is a very personal choice. llet cases are also becoming popular, giving you one less thing to carry around. ‘ve hauled in an extensive selection of some of the best cases out there checked them out in order to offer some recommendations. No matter your preference, there’s a Galaxy S7 case out there for you. You should probably stick to two cards in the flip-out cover (three will work, but it’s a squeeze). But if that’s all you need for where you’re headed, it’ll definitely free you from the need to also take a wallet. The D lights are nice to have, as they display the time, notify you of a missed call or text, show the battery charge percentage. However, you have to live with the extra bulge from the case constantly flipping it open closed every time you want to use your phone. en the cover is closed you can still perform a number of functions, like accepting or rejecting calls, controlling music playback, swiping to the left to use the camera.  I found the cover can get smudged very quickly, which does limit how accurately you can perform the swipe functions. You also have to be willing to unflip your case every time you want to use your phone, which for my preferences is just too much of an inconvenience. The slipcover is rubber, which fits inside of the hard plastic shell. The two different pieces allow you to mix match the colors for a custom look (you can choose colors when ordering online).  The case still is a little bulkier than most others, but you’ll probably have piece of mind from the drop dust protection that Otterbox promises. Beyond that, the case is sturdy protects your phone while being easy to slip on or off since there aren’t multiple parts. If you want the protection that Otterbox is known for without all of the bulk, then this may be one to look at.  The case is available in gray, blue, black, so you may have to look elsewhere if you want something with a ton of color. But it’s a solid choice if you want a more traditional case that isn’t just a drab piece of plastic. However, it’s definitely thick adds a lot of bulk to your phone. There’s a plastic covering for the front bottom bezel with cutouts for the buttons, camera speakers. The case also includes a screen guard if you want to cut down on the number of scratches over time. There’s even a belt clip, if that’s your thing. The low-profile buttons means these portions of the phone are protected, although it does make the buttons a little difficult to press. In all it’s a good alternative if you want something understated that offers good protection. The parts of the case that aren’t covered in gold flakes are clear, so it truly creates an original look for your phone. The hard plastic feels rather sturdy, so this should give you the protection you want along with that high-priced look. It’s very thin, but the company says it will protect your phone from a drop of 6.6 feet. The case has a good grip is a good cidate to keep your phone in good shape throughout its duration. The front flap folds over secures the phone, which gives you some extra peace of mind about how securely it’s tucked in there. I also found Tech21 cases to have a distinguished look made of good materials. You can’t tuck in more than two cards here, but it’s an elegant offering to consider. The case is snug fairly minimalist, even though BodyGuardz says the light green internal bumper is engineered to take the kind of impact that a football player would expect to get. I didn’t feel like dropping it to try out on purpose, but it definitely feels well built should offer your phone solid protection. BodyGuardz Contact Case (clear)Remove product link The look isn’t tremendously refined, but that’s kind of what you’re getting with a black case. In all it feels good to hold won’t put a giant bump wherever you’re carrying it. BodyGuardz Contact Case (black)Remove product link Incipio has plenty other design styles in this series if you want to spruce up how your smartphone looks. It’s a little thicker than some other clear cases out there. The exterior polycarbonate, however, is supposed to keep your phone damage-free should it take a tumble. It feels solid is another great option in the clear case category. st like others in the Speck family, this is sturdy should serve you for a long time. Speck cases are thick, but they’ll get the job done in this case be a conversation starter. The Messenger case has a pocket on the back where you can squeeze in two, or maybe three, cards. I enjoyed this one in particular compared to the other wallet cases because there is no flap to open close. The rest of the case feels good, though I wish the fabric extended a little further since it’s easier to grip.