But they’re not indestructible. And like many other phones out there, they can get a little slippery in the h, particularly if you have the Xmodel. Fortunately for you, numerous case makers have been quick to crank out protection for those lucky enough to get their hs on one in these first weeks of the xel launch. Our collection represents some of the better choices out there, ranging from robust cases that will keeps your phone in a protective bubble to slimmer options that offer a much lighter touch. ’ll update this collection over time as well when we come across more clever designs to keep your phone safe looking great. You can get this case for xel xel Xin black, gray, or olive. The textured back is easy to hold onto the design will help set it apart from a vast sea of black clear cases that are sure to perpetuate as the xel becomes more popular.  The back is smooth frosted that lets the design of the phone peek out. You can then pick from four color choices for the textured bumper: black, gray, lavender, or pearl blue. It’s also thinner than the Dualo, but Incipio says it’s no less durable should withst a drop from several feet. Another aspect I liked was the large cutout at the camera sensor area to ensure there’d be no interference with light sensors for all of those photos you’re bound to take. The case is available for the xel xel Xin champagne/gray, red/black, black/black color combinations. This Commuter series, available for both phones in pink black, is still a little heftier than your average case. But you get that Otterbox guarantee, which says style of case gets undergoes over 238 hours of researh for over 24 different tests. The otos case is what you’d expect, giving you the chance to upload an image that will be featured prominently. The custom wallpaper can then rotate amongst some other favorite images. Finally, the Artworks live case gives you a group of designer abstract images to choose from. st as with the other choices, you also get a gallery to spruce up the wallpaper. ong with black, there’s a dark light blue color combination if you want something that sts out a little. The sides also offer some grip assistance with ridges, so you should be far less likely to drop this compared to other alternatives. Despite the large cutout for the camera sensors, the case is sufficiently thick so that nothing should happen if catastrophe strikes. The sides of the case are a little bulky for a clear case, which I find usually looks a lot better if it’s slimmer. However, the back does a good job at letting you see through so that you can show off your snazzy new phone ( remind others that it’s not actually an ione). The Case Mate llet Folio is a much better option, with four different slots for cards a see-through window for an ID. The back has a large cutaway for the camera, flash, sensors that looks a little odd. At least you won’t have to worry about the case getting in the way of the camera.  It has a solid bumper frame a slightly textured back around the fingerprint sensor to add a splash of style. It offers a pretty good grip matches the xel aesthetic by putting in a different design pattern on the top half of the phone’s back. l versions of this particular case are black, though you can opt for a white or blue accent in order to toss in some differentiation.