There are so many categories in which you can look for an earth-friendly gift. Some no-brainers are those that safeguard both the planet and all of the devices that help you work and play. For instance, avoid smartphone covers that are made of plastic and instead pick up some that are made of 100% natural waste material, like flax straw, and are completely compostable. Or, you could pick up a bag made of ocean plastic that chokes marine life to death but only now in a chic, recycled avatar that could look like one from a designer boutique. The best thing about these gifts is that they don’t compromise on design and functionality or price, so there’s no real excuse not to be buying them up in place of their polluting cousins. Must read:

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The best eco-accessory gift ideas for the season

Below are 12 eco-accessory gift ideas I found for the season this year. 

The best eco-accessory deals

Below are five eco-accessory deals I found happening right now. It’s tough to imagine these stunning artworks disguised as cases – my favorites are the Barcelona cityscape line and the undersea collection – were once animal killers. Fifty grams of recycled fishing go into one case and 20g of recycled scrap aluminum lend itself to a popsicle-like retractable handle if you wish to add it on for a better grip. Protecting your phone was never this stylish. Bellroy has taken an ordinary accessory and elevated it to a grander status by paying attention to the little things – a magnetic bumper entry that snaps the sleeve shut while allowing for a scratch-free environment. And HeiQ V-Block has been employed to impart antimicrobial properties. While foam padding adds protection on the outside while not compromising its slim look, a microfiber lining inside adds internal cushioning, ensuring that your laptop has never experienced such pampering before. Equally important is the story around the substance used. Cork oak trees are harvested only once in nine years in a lifetime that spans 150 – but without harming a leaf. The bark is simply stripped off and a new one is allowed to grow. Ever since the wine industry began to use screw tops, demand for cork has fallen precipitously in certain areas like Portugal which can prove to be a devastating ecological development in the long run. After all, cork oak trees are incredible water regulators, home to diverse species, and prevent areas from turning into deserts. Here’s a gift that has a unique story and will turn heads. With a 31-liter capacity, this bag can easily cram everything you want to regularly carry around with you and more. However, if you’re traveling light, you don’t have to deal with that strange half-empty backpack sag. You can just roll it down and cinch it up for a compact feel. There’s also a case nestling inside that can protect your laptop and meshes behind your back to keep you unusually cool despite a pack this size. With water-proof coatings on the inside and outside, this rugged, innovative pack is a champion of the circular economy and is a fitting gift to someone who is thoughtful and caring about resources and waste - or maybe someone who needs to be – and is currently lucky to be in your good graces.