The following apps will turn you into a taskmaster, with excellent choices for notetaking, editing files, collaborating with your classmates. Don’t listen to the naysayers who say you need Office—Drive is more than capable of hling most core productivity needs. And you can work right from your Android phone while pretending to listen to that boring lecture. Drive (Free) That may seem a bit much for the college budget, but it provides a lot of value in getting an unruly number of tasks under control. Try out the free version see if the “Get Things Done” method espoused by Todist fits your work style. Todoist (Free, $29/yr optional premium subscription) If you take to OneNote, get the desktop version so everything created in the mobile apps appears on the desktop; a great way to keep the workflow going. Doing so requires a Microsoft account, which you probably have anyway if your summer was spent playing Xbox. OneNote (Free) The autosuggest then gets smarter, although a bit creepier, over time by suggesting phrases you are likely to use. SwiftKey recently went to a freemium model; the app is free to download with additional keyboard themes available for purchase as in-app upgrades. SwiftKey (Free) so, Sunrise offers a desktop app for Mac Chrome to keep all your data synced up. Support for Microsoft Exchange is said to be in the works, which will be useful for those whose school uses an Office 365 account. Sunrise Calendar (Free) The Android app offers another advantage in that you can take notes, look up words use the highlighting tool. These will sync across any Kindle devices or apps, which are available on all major mobile or desktop platform. So if you need some more mathematical power go with Calcu. It smartly uses gestures to call up advanced operators constants for various scientific fields advanced math. Swiping gestures can quickly clear your calculation history or call up the alternative keypads. There are also 12 different themes to change up the look. Calcu (Free) You can color code notes add reminders that will bug you later to avoid missing an assignment or task. In true fashion you can swipe away the notes for archival, making that grocery list searchable forever. Keep (Free) If you fancy yourself a power Evernote user, consider the company’s Skitch applicaton, which includes inking support for marking notes, clipped web pages, or maps. Anything created in Skitch is saved back into Evernote. Evernote (Free, $45/yr optional premium subscription) It also syncs to the My Study fe desktop web app so the schedule is always available. Sign up quickly have one less password to remember by connecting it to your account. My Study fe (Free)