Since the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL comes with a glass back it is important to use a case with them. Otherwise, there’s always a chance of the glass back cracking due to a drop or fall. Plus, a case goes a long way in protecting your device against scuffs, dings and drops. We have accumulated a list for different types of cases and skin for the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL to suit your varying needs below.

Spigen Pixel 3 Cases

Spigen Slim Armor

The slim armor case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate material. It will provide protection against major drops and scratches. In short, this case is highly durable without bulking the phone too much. The case will also protect the display from fall as it has raised edges. It has cutouts for ports and buttons. Oh, it also has a kickstand and supports wireless charging. ➤ Buy Now

Spigen Case Thin Fit 360

The thin fit case is made from polycarbonate material, which will provide protection from scratches. It has cutouts for ports and buttons and supports wireless charging. It also contains a custom fit tempered glass protector. A good deal considering you’ll get protection for both front and back of the phone. ➤ Buy Now

Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid case features bumper and flexible body combined which provides shock absorbency. It has cutouts for physical buttons and ports, including wireless charging compatibility. The front portion is raised, hence providing safety against display damage from fall. The matte finish keeps the surface fingerprint free in everyday use. ➤ Buy Now

Official Google Case

If you want to buy cases directly offered by Google, then you have a few options to look forward to. Google offers different kinds of cases like leather, nylon-PC, and customizable dual-layered cases.  The Google Pixel 3 case uses nylon & polyester fabric as one of the components, which gives it a good non-slippery grip. Then there’s Google My Case which you can customize with your own pictures. The cases offered are on the thicker side but offer an ample amount of protection. Follow the link to see for yourself. ➤ Buy Now


If you don’t prefer cases because of them making the phone bulky but still want to protect the rear from scratches and stuff, then you need a skin. There is hardly anyone better than Dbrand in this segment. There are multiple options available in material and design like carbon fiber, camo, dragon, stone, matte, metal, leather, wood, and true color. The skin adds a new feel and design with a basic amount of protection for the rear. ➤ Buy Now


OtterBox is offering its Defender series screenless edition case exclusively via Google store. The highly durable case is for anyone who keeps dropping their phones. It also sports a kickstand for hands-free viewing when you are on a flight or just want to sit back and relax. ➤ Buy Now


For people who love sparkly and shiny stuff, Case-Mate offers few options to tend to your need. The cases will offer ample protection with all those sparkly glitters. There is also a leather wallet case to check out. ➤ Buy Now

Speck Pixel 3 Cases

Speck is a renowned case manufacturer known for its high-quality cases. While it offers more than 10 different kinds of cases for the iPhone XS series, its Pixel 3 lineup of cases are currently limited to two: Presidio Grip and Presidio Stay Clear.

Presidio Grip

The Presidio Grip offers 10-foot drop protection and a no-slip design pattern at the rear. It also comes with a raised bezel at the front to protect the display from scratches. For optimum protection, the case does not have cutouts for any of the physical buttons, though it does not pose any compatibility issues with wireless charging.

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Presidio Stay Clear

The Presidio Stay Clear case for the Pixel 3 is a clear case which offers an 8-foot drop protection. It comes with a special coating to prevent it from absorbing oil and turning yellow with use.

➤ Buy Now What are some of your favorite cases for the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL? Drop a comment and let us know!