Home security devices that leverage mobile connectivity, apps, and sensors are endlessly improving each year. Smart video doorbells record both video and audio feeds in real-time when you have a visitor. Motion and sound sensors can be used inside and outside along with digital door locks and night-vision cameras.   However, not all smart home security products are created equal, and some are more costly to set up than others. A few select devices can be enough to protect your home (and office) against intruders and alert you when suspicious activity is detected. 
ZDNET has rounded up the best home security devices for a variety of budgets and homes to help you protect yourself and your property. Our top picks include everything from window sensors to full kits. Also: What are the best security cameras for protecting your home? The kit includes a base station, keypad, panic button, wireless siren, smoke detector, water damage detector, temperature sensor, key fob, four entry sensors, and two motion sensors. You can also choose to add extra devices like glass break detectors, indoor or outdoor cameras, and yard signs. Read the review: SimpliSafe Home Security review According to Ring, this bundle can protect up to eight windows or doors, with added protection from motion sensors in vulnerable hallways.  Best Buy also has an 8-piece option retailing for $249 right now. Read the review: Ring Alarm review: An affordable home security system Right now, the Iota All-In-One Security Kit is on sale for $245. Or, you can also pick up the Iota Bundle #1 on sale for $289, which is 50% off the original price of $700.  Read the review: Abode review: Smartly integrated home security Video doorbells aren’t just useful for communicating with delivery staff and dealing with packages. With the Arlo Essential doorbell, you can monitor your front porch, see and talk to visitors, and receive motion detection alerts.  Plus, a video camera doorbell may be enough to deter unwanted guests from approaching your home. This Arlo bundle includes a doorbell, chime accessory, spare rechargeable battery, screw kit, and mounting plate. An extra 10% discount is added if you select all items at checkout. The weather-resistant cameras are wireless, easy to install, and powered by rechargeable batteries – and each comes with an anti-theft mount. You can check the camera feeds any time, day or night, and even zoom in on details if necessary. Plus, the cameras feature color night vision, which makes make them an excellent option for vulnerable outside spaces.  The pack also includes a charging station, security key, batteries, and screw kits. Plus, you’ll receive a sign that you can place in your front yard to politely warn potential intruders that your area is being monitored.  Whether you want to protect your home or office, Vivint provides smart cameras, locks, doorbells, security sensors, intrusion detectors, control panels, and smart home automation solutions. Plus, you can customize your security system depending on your needs.  Read the review: Vivint home security review Security systems that you can set up and monitor yourself tend to be popular. However, some systems offer subscriptions for people in higher-risk areas who need professional monitoring or the ability to store and record footage. The best security systems on the market balance security, usability, and connectivity.  We recommend a camera, video doorbell, smart lock, and window sensors if you’re building your home security system for the first time. Large properties can also benefit from additional security devices.  We researched the best security systems on the market, weighed their pros and cons, and judged them based on price, ease of installation, smart features, and customer reviews.  For example, motion sensors are used for video doorbells and cameras, while other door and window products may combine motion and magnetic sensors to detect unauthorized entry. If you want access to your cameras’ feed history, it’s worth signing up for a subscription. Plus, subscription services will usually sweeten the pot with additional security layers like professional monitoring, automatic emergency calls, or multiple device monitoring.