The HTC One (M8) is one of the hottest flagships of 2014, with a metallic body, an innovative Duo Camera, a beautiful screen, and the Sense 6.0 software that adds a lot of cool functionality to stock Android. Whether you have just purchased your HTC One (M8) now that it is a bit more affordable or you have had it since it begun shipping, there are about to be features and tips that you haven’t yet discovered about it. We’re here to help you with that!

General HTC One (M8) tips

Blinkfeed is HTC’s signature addition to the homescreen on its devices, and thankfully you can either turn it off, or customize it to fit your needs:

How to turn off Blinkfeed How to customize Blinkfeed

HTC packed a few interesting modes and settings into Sense 6.0 on the M8, including ways to boost the performance, options to save battery life, and more:

How to enable high-performance mode How to use the extreme power saving mode How to enable the do not disturb mode How to enable lockscreen widgets

And a few more tips include:

Tips to improve the One M8’s battery life How to enable ART — the M8 uses the Dalvik runtime by default, but ART promises to load apps much faster, here’s why. How to record and edit slow-motion videos How to fix the camera lens scratch

HTC One (M8) customization and accessory tips

There are many software features of the M8 that you can personally customize, and other ways you can add your personal touch to the device:

How to customize the Quick Settings panel How to change the system font 15 Beautiful 1080p metal and gold wallpapers

As for the accessories, the one that has been prominently marketed with the M8 is the Dot View case. HTC made the case only compatible with a few notifications, but you can thankfully circumvent that limitation:

How to bring third-party app notifications to the Dot View case

HTC One (M8) rooting and hacking

If you live on the adventurous side and would like to know how to root and install new recoveries and custom ROMs and mods on the M8, you are in luck.

How to root the HTC One (M8) Sunshine brings S-Off to the M8 HTC One (M8) gets CyanogenMod 11 nightlies Xposed Module brings Knock Code functionality to the M8 Mod boosts the M8’s speaker and headphone output volume Camera mod improves image and video quality Convert the regular M8 to a Play Edition device

What other excellent tips and tricks do you know about the HTC One (M8)? Share them with us below!