Unfortunately, hot tubs usually start at $3,000, going up to $10,000 or more, making them an expensive luxury. However, inflatable hot tubs are about half the price and still provide you with an enjoyable hot tub experience that doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your backyard.
We’ve rounded up the best inflatable hot tubs with all types of seating capacities and features so you can relax for way less.
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The Coleman Sicily Inflatable Outdoor Airjet Hot Tub is our pick for the best inflatable hot tub overall since it’s the largest on our list, fitting up to seven people with 180 bubble jets. It also has an automatic Freeze Shield feature that functions as a heater to keep the inner components from freezing during colder temperatures.  Pros:

Easy to set upLots of jet powerFreeze Shield feature 


Shuts down every three days, so you have to frequently restart it

Also: Best Inflatable Pools The Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Hot Tub is a great inflatable option for two-four people. It features 114 jets and is durable thanks to its TriTech 3 ply inflated walls. In addition, the hot tub comes with a reinforced cover with safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber for insulation, so the water stays warm when you’re not using it. A bonus is that it also includes a chemical floater. Pros:

Super durableReinforced cover with safety clipsIncluded chemical floater


Spa cannot be used in temperatures less than 39 degrees FahrenheitIncluded instructions can be difficult to follow

If you want to spend a little extra, the Saluspa Helsinki tub is a stylish option that mimics wood paneling with high-end features like 180 jets and the ability to control the temperature in your spa up to 40 days in advance. There is also a built-in clear soft softening system that reduces the effects of hard water on your skin.  Pros: 

Stylish wood panel lookChemConnect™ chemical dispenserBetter controls your spa’s temperature 



This inflatable hot tub has many of the same features as the other options on our list, but with the cheapest price tag at $530. Similar features include the Freeze Shield automatic heating function, a chemical dispenser, a reinforced cover, and a digital control panel with a power-saving timer. Plus, there are cup holders for drinks or snacks.  Pros: 

Least expensive but offers the same features Cup holders 


Better fits four people than the advertised six

If you’re looking for something with ambiance, the Bestway Paris Airjet Hot Tub is the only option on our list that has included color-changing LED lights to set the mood. You can control the lights with a remote from inside the tub, and control the heat and bubbles through its digital control panel.  Pros: 

Color-changing LED lights Cushioned floor with drain for easy take-down


Better fits 3-4 people instead of the advertised six Lowest amount of jets on our list

To save some money on electricity while using your inflatable hot tub, be sure to keep the cover on when it’s not in use, and turn the temperature down if you don’t plan on using it for a few days.