Daydreams Become Screen Savers

                 Quicker Multi-Tasking

              Use Two Apps At The Same Time

                        View Two Chrome Tabs

                        Drag and Drop Text to Images when in Multi-Window Mode

                 Finally the Lock Screen gets a Wallpaper of its own

                  Clear All Recent Apps

             New Installer Animation

                      Bundled Notifications

Have you ever posted something on Facebook. Only to have your notification tray blown up with alerts of likes and comments? Me neither, but those who have, will love bundled notifications. Once an app updates to Android Nougat, it can opt to have all its messages bundled into one alert. Slide down the respective information to reveal the rest of your alerts for that particular app.

The new OS is loaded with new features and refinements, improving the overall Android experience. Some changes, such as bundled notifications, are apparent. Then there are the less visible changes, such as a new multitasking shortcut. Follow along as we look at what’s new in Google’s latest mobile OS.

Quick app switching

You’ve done it a million times. You’re using one app, like Twitter, when you want to pop over to another. Like your texting app or Spotify, to do something real quick. Then it’s back to Twitter. Hopping to another app and back again is standard and more straightforward in Nougat. If you double-tap the recent button, it will skip showing you the current apps. And instantly pop over to the last app you had open. Double-tap it again, and you pop back. Once you get used to it, it’s a real time saver.

Emoji Genders and Skin Tones

A later version of Nougat, 7.1.1, adds new Emoji standards to select skin tones and genders. So professions with only male or female representation can now choose the gender. You can change skin tones on a wide variety of emojis. So now you can have female welders and men getting haircuts, for example.

Quickly Adjust Notification Settings

                 Where did that App come from?

Android Nougat will now keep track of where an app came from. Open Settings, then Apps tap on any listed application. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the source of the app’s installation. For example, it will say as much if installed from the Play Store. If it’s something you side-loaded, it will state something along the lines of Installed from package Installer.

                    Reply with Speed

                    Notification Importance Setting

          New Emojis

                    Data Saver

Were you tired of paying for data overages? When using an Android Nougat device. You can enable Data Saver to restrict specific apps from using data in the background. Under the Data Usage menu, open Data Saver and turn it on. You can then go through a list of apps installed on your device. And enable background data for each one you want. Otherwise, apps will only gain access to a cellular data connection when actively using it.

            Quicker Quick Settings

When swiping from the top of the screen with one finger. You will see a row of quick setting shortcuts just above any pending notifications. Tap an icon to enable or disable features such as Wi-Fi, open Battery settings, or turn on the Flashlight. It displays the first 5 items in your quick settings, so if you reorder those, you’ll change what appears here.

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