There’s a new level each every day in Leap Day, and you can conquer it by tapping. Your character runs back and forth across the screen, turning around each time he runs into something like a Roomba. Tap to jump to climb higher. You also jump off walls and double jump by tapping again while in the air. Dangers abound as you climb higher, including enemy creatures, pointy spikes, and lasers. You can unlock checkpoints. With the fruit, you pick as you make your way through the level and also watch video ads. You can eliminate the ads and unlock all the checkpoints with a $4.37 in-app purchase.

Leap Day: Free ($4.37 in-app upgrade)

Rooms of Doom

Each tap in Line Breaker sends your spaceship careening toward a collision. With the line running down the center of your screen. It is a good thing sometimes. You score points by breaking through this line; your craft can smash not all parts. It’s best to have exact timing to break through the line without bouncing off or falling far behind. Some segments of the line also imbue you with temporary power-ups, and others blow you up. It’s all about when you tap. Break Line is free with a $1.99 in-app purchase to remove pop-up ads.

Line Breaker Free ($1.99 in-app upgrade)

Stretch Dungeon

Rooms of Doom: Free ($0.99 in-app purchases)


 Super One More Jump: Free ($2.49 in-app upgrade)

Stack: Free ($1.86 in-app upgrade)

Alto’s Adventure

There’s nothing like a nice, relaxing trip down the slopes as you leap over giant canyons to catch escaped llamas. Alto’s Adventure is more comfortable than the premise. As you head down the mountain, tap to jump, a long press to do a backflip in the air. Avoid many obstacles as you earn points by catching llamas and collecting coins. You’ll come on various power-ups and characters; some are pretty hostile. Alto’s Adventure is free with ads, with a $3.99 in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Alto’s Adventure: Free ($3.99 in-app upgrade)

One More Line

One More Line is a fast-paced arcade game spins you around with a grappling hook. Tap and hold the screen to latch onto the nearest grapple point as you streak down an endless corridor. Make your release well; running into a wall or grapple point is game over. How far can you make it? That’s all there is to the game, it’s addictive, and the colors are fun. It’s free with ads, or you can pay $1.45 to remove them forever.

One More Line: Free ($1.45 in-app upgrade)


The second Badland game is a bit of a disappointment. It’s by HypeHype Inc. and is crawling with in-app purchases. The original game was an excellent single-button experience. Your goal in Badland is to guide a swarm of fluffy bird things. Each level is filled with lasers, spinning saw blades, and other perils. You do this by tapping anywhere on the screen. Each tap makes the bird-things flap their wings. Maneuvering through the levels is surprisingly tricky, but the controls are simple. The first few levels are free; it’s $3.99 to unlock the rest.

BADLAND BRAWL: Free ($3.99 in-app upgrade)

Gravity can be your best friend in Gravity Galaxy, or it can be your worst nightmare. It depends on your tap to launch your ship. Your craft begins on a rotating planetoid; you have to make it to the blue-green planet to pass each level. You’ll have to use the gravity rotation of nearby planets to get you there. It has a cool low-poly look. You play it for free; some lives wait for a recharge. A $0.99 in-app purchase removes all the ads.

Gravity Galaxy: Free ($0.99 in-app upgrade)