Technology has evolved since then, and there are much better options out there now than the edition that comes preloaded into your PC. Looking to play other games online? Tap or click here for 10 sites that let you play games online for free. If you are looking for an online version of solitaire or you own a Mac, we’ve got nine solitaire games that you can play for free. These free classic solitaire games will keep you entertained for hours!

Solitaire – Online & 100% Free (

If you’re looking to play an afternoon solitaire game, is an easy website to do the job. Head to the site to be brought directly into an active solitaire game. You can also play variations of the classic solitaire game here, including FreeCell and Spider solitaire. 

24-7 Solitaire

This one is part of a more significant online gaming site called 24-7 games, but by going to, you’ll be placed into a classic solitaire game with the timer already counting down. If you scroll past your game, you’ll find helpful tips on how to play the game as well. What makes this site unique is it offers you an entire world of solitaire games to choose from, not just the classics like FreeCell and Spider solitaire. It has over 20 different solitaire card games to choose from, including seasonal game options.

Free online Solitaire (

If you aren’t looking for any bells and whistles, is perfect for you. While this online option lacks flashy graphics, it has a clean and simple interface for solitaire pros. If you are looking for a break from classic solitaire, you can also play Spider solitaire, Mahjong and Sudoku.

World of Solitaire

Play classic solitaire, as well as dozens of other variations at Much like, this site offers you a variety of strategy tips for each variation so you can learn how to play like a pro. Head to the choose game tab to pick your favorite version of solitaire or pick from an endless variety of other card games.

Play solitaire for free ( does offer you classic solitaire, but it also has some fun twists on the classics, so you can learn how to play solitaire in style. Try the popular Addiction solitaire variant, which gives you only 10 minutes to complete the game.

Google solitaire

It doesn’t get easier than Google solitaire. Google is well known for its convenient search feature, but it does much more than provide answers for your search needs. Type in Google Solitaire and hit play. Now you’re on your way to an animated game of classic solitaire. You can choose from two difficulty options, easy or hard.

This is one of the most popular platforms to play card games on and is an international hit, popular in the U.K. as well. In addition to classic solitaire variations, you can also play other old favorites like cribbage and gin rummy at 

Solitaire FRVR

If you are looking for simplicity, Solitaire FRVR is the perfect solitaire game for you. It offers larger graphics for easy navigation but doesn’t offer any other solitaire variations for those preferring options. If classic solitaire is your go-to game, then this is the website for you.

Classic solitaire game (

AARP solitaire offers you a classic game with a competitive edge. Daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards are on the home page displaying the best AARP solitaire players for you to compete against. You can also play other favorites, including crescent solitaire and bridge. If you need a break from your solitaire game, check out AARP’s many benefits for its members by clicking the menu. If you’re feeling nostalgic or bored in your office, hoping to take a break online, head to one of these popular free websites and start playing. If you still find yourself bored and looking for more games, tap or click here for classic video games offered online.