The Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the most hyped and popular flagships of 2014, with a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, an excellent 16MP camera, and Samsung’s signature software that adds hundreds of new options to stock Android. Whether you have just purchased your Galaxy S5 now that it is a bit more affordable or you have had it since it begun shipping, there are about to be features and tips that you haven’t yet discovered about it. We’re here to help you with that!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Beginner tips

Everyone has to start somewhere, don’t they? When it comes to the Galaxy S5, Samsung has added so many functions that everything can seem a bit too daunting at first. Here are the things you need to know first and foremost:

How to change wallpapers, create folders, and add homescreens Alternative ways to pick up and end phone calls How to take a screenshot

Special Galaxy S5 modes and features tips

Samsung has added enough options and modes to the Galaxy S5 to confuse even the best of us. Thankfully, you can enable and disable most of them, depending on what you need, and some of them are genuinely useful. Starting with the different modes:

How to use blocking mode How to use emergency mode How to use private mode The difference between the power saving and ultra power saving modes

And then there are all the features available to you:

How to setup the fingerprint scanner How to use the Galaxy S5 as a baby monitor How to use the Galaxy S5 as a mobile hotspot How to use Quick Connect to transfer files quickly How to set up the Galaxy S5 for one-handed usage How to enable air view

Of course, some of Samsung’s options might start getting your way and annoying you in day-to-day use. The two biggest culprits are S Voice and My Magazine that tend to take over your device. Here’s how to disable them.

How to disable My Magazine How to disable S Voice

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera tips

The camera on the Galaxy S5 is an impressive lens and several software optimizations and options tucked in. You should take your time to explore all the options that it offers,

Useful Galaxy S5 camera tips How to record slow-motion videos

Get more from the Galaxy S5

If the previous tips and tutorials aren’t nearly enough for you, and you’re suspecting that there is more hidden in that shiny gadget, you are in luck.

How to enable ART on the Galaxy S5 — the S5 uses the Dalvik runtime by default, but ART promises to load apps much faster, here’s why. How to redeem all the free apps and services bundled with your purchase How to access the hidden diagnostics menu Smart IR transforms the Galaxy S5 into a universal remote This app lets you add more apps to the S5’s ultra power saving mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 customization tips

Your Galaxy S5 is yours and you should be able to make it feel as such with your own elements and preferred look.

How to customize the notification panel How to change the system fonts How to get a stock Android look on the S5 30 beautiful 1080p colorful and geometric wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rooting and Hacking

Once you are familiar with everything on the Galaxy S5, and you have gone from beginner to expert, you can let yourself go and try some more difficult tricks.

How to root the Galaxy S5 Another method for the S5 using Geohot’s towel root This mod boosts the speaker output

What other excellent tips and tricks do you know about the Samsung Galaxy S5? Share them with us below!