While not as clicky and fashion-forward as high-end productivity and gaming mice, they’re exceptionally quiet, relieving you of any guilt of waking up your housemates or irritating the patron at the next table. There are plenty of silent mouse options on the market, but we’ve rounded up the very best that will help you get the job done – in silence.
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70 days of use on a full charge90% quieter than previous modelsProgrammable input buttons 

The Logitech MX Master 3S is the best silent mouse you can buy. This latest generation features button switches that produce 90 percent less noise than previous models so you can work all day without bothering coworkers. It also features an electromagnetic scroll wheel that provides both speed for scrubbing through large spreadsheets as well as precision for going through documents line-by-line. You can customize the 7 button input layout with the Logi Options+ app and even set up gesture-based inputs for quickly switching programs or controlling two computers at once.  The integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 70 days of use on a full charge, and just a minute of charging gives you 3 hours of life; which is perfect for when you need to quickly top up your mouse battery before a meeting or presentation. With Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll get low latency reactions to your inputs and the ability to connect to up to three devices at once for a more streamlined workflow. The MX Master 3S also has support for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux computers, so no mater what you use, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Ambidextrous designBattery lasts 24 monthsProgrammable mouse buttons 

Silent mice, as you will see later down the list, are often smaller in size compared to the conventional office peripherals. While this generally results in a more compact and sound-proof design, it doesn’t help in the comfort department for those with larger hands. That’s where the Logitech Signature M650 comes to play. Released earlier this year, Logitech’s latest silent mouse comes in small and large sizes, and left- and right-handed variants, tailored to all users. We’ve been testing the mouse since launch and have not only found the design and ergonomics to be exceptionally comfortable, but the actual SilentTouch switches are nearly inaudible. You can learn more about the mouse in our full review here.

Seven programmable buttonsThree-function scroll wheel for enhanced productivity Easy portability 

Razer is best known for crafting edgy and RGB-filled gaming mice and keyboards, but the industry veteran has since branched out into the office and productivity space with the Pro suite of peripherals. The Pro Click Mini is a compact, silent mouse that is arguably the best one for gaming on this list. But the silent mouse is also equipped with nifty features meant to enhance your productivity, like 12,000 DPI (dots per linear inch), seven programmable buttons via Razer’s Synapse software, a three-function scroll wheel, and more.  For sound, It uses Razer’s silent mechanical switches that produce quiet and satisfyingly tactile feedback. You can learn all about the wireless gaming mouse and the rest of the Pro suite in our full review here.

Under $20Two-year battery life2.4GHz receiver for multiple device compatibility 

If you’re seeking a silent mouse that ditches the extra features in favor of a lower price tag, take a look at the Logitech M330 Silent Plus.

Six buttons with forward and back functionalityCompatible with Chromebooks and Windows devicesUnder $20

The TeckNet Pro isn’t as popular as the Logitechs and Razers of silent mice, but it’s debated to be the best for ergonomics and hand comfort. The TeckNet Pro comes equipped with six buttons that include back and forward functionality and 2,600 DPI that paces through five adjustment levels via a physical switch at the top. Most importantly, it’s quiet, and the outer shell is curved just enough for your hand to rest comfortably when using the mouse. An included 2.4GHz USB adapter is needed to pair with your Windows or ChromeOS computer, but it won’t work on Macs.

18-month battery lifeLightweight and compact design makes it the perfect travel companionThe scroll wheel moves silently 

If you travel often for work and are shopping for a silent mouse that’s lightweight, low profile, and gets the job done, try the Logitech Pebble M350. For starters, the Pebble M350 has a flatter surface than most mice, which makes it ideal if you use a fingertip grip (only using your fingertips to move the mouse). Still, the design is practical, portable, and features the same SilentTouch technology found on the Logitech M650 we listed above. That means the Pebble M350’s clicks and scroll wheel move in silence. For travelers, the mouse comes with an 18-month battery life and can be paired via the included USB receiver or Bluetooth. If you seek an all-in-one mouse, then the Logitech M650 and Razer Pro Click Mini are your best options. They’re pricier than the other picks on the list, but they do the most for the price. If you’re shopping on a budget, look to the Logitech M330 Silent Plus, Pebble M350, and TeckNet Pro – all of which are excellent silent mice. The biggest selling point of a silent mouse is its noiseless design. If you’ve ever gamed at night or used a computer in a public library, then you may be aware of how loud and distracting mouse clicking sounds can be. The silence of these mice not only benefit those around you, but yourself. Less noise means less distractions and more focus. How is this achieved? Manufacturers apply a blend of materials and cushioning to dampen the sound when mouse keys are clicked. That is why most silent mice lack the clickity-clack of traditional ones. Another trick, which requires a little more DIY, is to disassemble the shell of your mouse (the outer cover), and insulate the click switches with thin foam. And with the choice of either Razer HyperSpeed Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to run on either one or two AA batteries, you’ll get more control over how your mouse interacts with your computer and how to power your mouse when batteries are scarce.