That’s because whether you’re rooting for the Seahawks, triots, or just a final score that will earn you some cash, there’s going to be online banter to comment on a bunch of downtime thanks to all those commercials. Check out our guide to streaming the game if you’re not certain of your TV situation. Once that’s taken care of, grab these apps for a better experience, especially if you get stuck on the couch between your foul-smelling neighbors again.

Get the official Super Bowl game program

The NFagain has put the official Super Bowl XX game program in the ay Store. For $2 you can flip through a digital version of the book that probably sells for a lot more at the game.  But fortunately it’s not just a F—you can launch images other content through interactive hot spots. The app works on phones tablets, but it is much easier to read navigate on larger screens.

Grab your team’s official app

If you’re a fan of either of this year’s participants you may want to spend the pre-game minutes or downtime checking out their Super Bowl interviews or last-minute news items. The Seahawks  triots have official apps that aren’t just great for the game, but worth having to follow the teams throughout the season. Another bonus: The app icons put your favorite team’s logo right on your home screen. A great way to show off your pride proclaim your fom.

ES ScoreCenter is a stat geek’s delight

Sometimes when you’re watching the game you want more information. There’s key stats, player performance, of course reactions to all of the action by commentators on Twitter. The app that pulls all this together best is ES ScoreCenter. The Gamecast feature is tracks game progress has all the statistical data you will want for breaking down the action. This way you can fact check when the announcers make a statement about a player’s performance or you can find out if that really was the game’s third turnover.

Make your own Super Bowl with Madden NFMobile

There’s always the chance the game will turn into a blowout, like last year’s 43-8 crushing of the Denver Broncos by the Seahawks. If that’s the case, you may want to turn to some gaming to stay entertained between trips back to the taco bar with Madden NFMobile. ke any proper EA game it’s loaded with an excessive amount of in-app purchases, but it’s pretty fun nonetheless can create the outcome you want if things aren’t going your way in the real game.

etend you’re there with the Super Bowl Stadium App

Even if you’re not headed to the game, you can get a sense for what it would be like by installing the official app the NFbuilt for people going to the game. The Super Bowl Stadium app tells you where all the goodies are, like concessions souvenir booths. If you’re one of the lucky few shelling out a couple gr to attend the game, connect to the stadium’s -Fi to unlock replays, live footage, other in-game features.

Don’t forget about Twitter

The best source of instant reaction for any live event is now Twitter. The official Android app is pretty good should serve the needs of the casual user just fine. Use the search feature to track down official accounts or to follow sportswriters, players, commentators. If you fancy yourself a power user then go with Falcon o 3. It’s $4 for access to one account, but the app’s excellent Material Design integrated images web links make it a worthwhile purchase.