Most of the time, however, there’s the fine print you’ll need to read through and try to decipher. Said fine print usually involves the type of phone you can trade in, the length of time the credits will be applied to your monthly bill, and whether or not there’s a specific price plan required to qualify.  Below you’ll find some of the best deals the Uncarrier has to offer right now. Want to keep up to date on T-Mobile deals? Bookmark this page. Interested in more tech deals and reviews? Subscribe to the ZDNET Recommends newsletter and let our expert reviewers scour the internet for only the top products, services, and deals for you. 
Not on a Magenta Max plan? You can still get up to $400 worth of trade-in value for eligible devices and any other data plan or when you add a new line. The trade-in discount will be reimbursed to you over the course of 24 monthly bill credits. But, saving $800 isn’t the only deal on iPhones that T-Mobile offers. If you purchase one from the carrier, you will get $700 off another iPhone 14 Pro. You can also still opt for the general $400 trade-in if you don’t have the Magenta Max plan. The credit will be split up and applied to your bill over 24 months. 

$325 off the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G