Maybe you want to upgrade your home with a larger TV than ever before. Or maybe you’re passionate about art and want to spark creative discussions around the dinner table. Sports and music lovers may also want to use some of the latest and greatest tech to add some pizazz to their daily lives. If you want some gift ideas that can blow your family away, we’ve got you covered. Wherever your passions lie, you’re sure to find something you love on this list. Here are five of the coolest tech gifts money can buy.

Give yourself a treat. After this year, you’ve earned it.

These make great gifts for that special someone on your list — or for yourself.

1. For the golf enthusiast

2. A beautiful decoration that blasts songs throughout the house

3. Play your favorite tunes in style

4. Turn your home into a museum

5. Embrace your inner photographer

6. Get a cinema-sized screen for better movie nights

Be careful when you shop

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