Animals have many methods for messing up the house when you’re away. Sometimes, you may return home and walk into such an outrageous mess you can’t help but wonder, “How on Earth did that happen?” Wonder no more with an indoor camera. These handy gadgets lift the veil of mutt-induced mystery and let you know exactly what’s going on when you’re gone. We recommend SimpliSafe, our sponsor. More on that later.

Get a doorbell camera to keep an eye on the perimeter

A smart doorbell camera keeps track of any suspicious characters walking up to your home and peeking into the window. It can also keep an eye on your pets. Just open up your connected app and you can watch a live stream of your home. Now you can watch Fido from a distance. (Or even catch criminals in the act.) Smart cameras can even let you screen visitors. When someone knocks on your front door, the camera sends your phone an HD video. We also recommend sticking cameras on the back porch or anywhere else in your backyard. That way, you have a long-distance video feed from every part of your property. It’s the best way to get peace of mind when you’re away from home.

You might think, ‘Well. My dog doesn’t need protection. They’re actually my security system!’

Not so fast! Sure, tons of people think that buying a big, tough dog is enough for home security. But there’s only so much your dog can do against masked intruders. In fact, your dog might fail to do anything helpful! Inside Edition tested dogs to see what they would do in case of a break-in. They found out that many pets did absolutely nothing to help their humans. Most of them turned tail and fled while an actor fought their owners! So instead of thinking your dog can be a one-stop-shop for security, try getting some cameras instead. A well-placed camera system can alert you of any shady figures lurking on your front porch — or in your backyard. That way, you’ll be able to chase them off before anything terrible happens.

Don’t let criminals catch you off guard

The best way to secure your home is by taking advantage of SimpliSafe’s comprehensive home security system. Leave the stress behind and use cutting-edge technology for the heavy lifting. With SimpliSafe’s system, you can control your security from the palm of your hand. Just use its app. (It also works on Apple Watch, so you can look down at your wrist, press a few buttons and feel safer.) It’s easy to feel safe when you’ve got some incredible tech on your side. Go to and get a FREE HD home security camera when you purchase a SimpliSafe system. You’ll also receive a 60-day risk-free trial, so there’s nothing to lose!