However, that doesn’t mean you always have to settle for the familiar. Take this new browser, for example, you probably haven’t heard of it yet but just take it for a spin. It can surprise you with its built-in options and features that you can’t find in other browsers. It can even help you save time along the way!


Vivaldi is one of the newest but least known web browsers around. Well, that could change soon since its developers have stuffed it with tons of options that power users will surely appreciate. Upon opening Vivaldi, you’ll be greeted with a slim toolbar that resides on its left side. Here, you can access your Bookmarks, Downloads, Notes, History and Settings plus it has an on/off toggle for hiding the toolbar itself.

Notes is extremely useful when doing research since, aside from saving text, it can also be used for storing and accessing screenshots, links and local files. Another slim toolbar resides at the bottom. This houses shortcuts for screenshots, an option to select multiple tabs for stacking or tiling, animation and image loading options, advanced page view actions and a zoom slider. Similar to other browsers, the top bars show open tabs, navigation buttons, a bookmark shortcut, a tab-clearing shortcut and a search bar.

What’s cool about Vivaldi is that you can reposition all the toolbars wherever you like by tweaking its Settings. You can even drag an open tab to a side toolbar to create a split view with another open tab. You can also select and schedule various built-in themes that will alter the look of the browser according to your tastes. Tip within a tip: Do you want another refreshingly new browsing experience? Try Opera’s experimental Neon browser too.

Under the hood options

Under the hood, you can also visit the browser’s Settings page to do nifty things like customizing your keyboard shortcuts and even assigning mouse gestures for specific tasks. These are great built-in features that are typically done on other browsers with extensions. With all these great built-in features, if you’re a multitasker, power user or a student looking to get more things done within the limited real estate of a web browser, then Vivaldi is definitely worth the test drive. It might be your next favorite go-to web browser. To download the free Vivaldi browser (available for Mac, Windows and Linux), follow this link or click the blue download button below.