We all know that to be true, yet a recent survey showed one in four retailers lost critical business data, for good, because they didn’t have a proper backup system in place. Ransomware is easier than ever for hackers to find and use, and that puts you at even more risk. In the short term, these losses can tank profits. They can also eat up countless hours of wasted time rebuilding websites, recreating spreadsheets or repairing customer relationships. Don’t take the chance. Our sponsor IDrive is in the business of saving small business data to the cloud. It’s your defense against downtime due to data loss. IDrive’s system is fast and seamless, letting you back up data from desktop computers, laptops, servers and mobile devices online. Click here to save 90% on 5 TB of cloud backup. Only $6.95 for the first year! Schedule your IDrive backups to happen automatically and protect your and your employees’ hard work.

How data loss happens

There are a lot of potential causes of small business data loss. Computers are generally reliable, but sometimes hard drives still fail. Computers and phones can be lost or stolen. Businesses also have to consider unexpected disasters, ranging from earthquake damage to fire to flooding from broken pipes. Cybercrime is a big factor, too, as hackers have come to realize just how profitable it is to take a company’s data and remand enormous sums for its return. Even regular old phishing schemes can do massive damage. Damage to or loss of equipment is a hassle, but you also have to consider the time and money lost if you or your team can’t keep working due to missing data. With IDrive’s automatic cloud backups, a secure second copy of your data is within easy reach, no matter what happens to the device it was originally stored on.

How IDrive works

Some businesses keep on-site backups, but those backups are still vulnerable to physical damage or failures. With cloud storage, your important data is backed up online and protected in a secure location. IDrive operates in the background using the IDrive app for PCs, Macs and mobile devices. This lets you focus on your business productivity while knowing your information is safe, secure, and accessible when you need it most. You can log into the IDrive website using a browser or IDrive’s iOS or Android app in order to access backed-up files. Hard drive failed on your desktop computer? No problem. Pop open your laptop, log in, and access your files. Your business keeps on working thanks to IDrive. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a have a team of employees, IDrive can handle your data backup needs, keeping all of that information at your fingertips.

IDrive Express, a big bonus for your small business

If you’re new to IDrive and have a ton of data that needs to be backed up, then check out the IDrive Express service. Rather than spend the time and bandwidth needed to make an initial backup online, IDrive sends you a physical storage device. You use the IDrive app to securely load your data onto the device and then send it back to IDrive. IDrive transfers the data for you, getting your key information into the cloud quickly. You can then continue with incremental backups from your devices. It’s a smart solution to an old problem. IDrive also lets you retrieve large amounts of data this way. IDrive is about peace of mind and knowing your small business data is protected and available to you. Get started today by clicking here to save 90% on 5 TB of cloud backup.