Clad in bright yellow black, the bumblebee-colored SlateBook would st out in any laptop crowd, but the real news is the debut of a new kind of Android experience. The SlateBook offers 14 inches of Full HD touchscreen display, far bigger than any Android tablet can provide. It also offers a real keyboard, meaning you could do some serious work on this device. Hisn’t necessarily expecting to win over any faithful with this device, but it’s clearly hoping to capture younger Android users who might be tired of pecking on a smaller touchscreen. ke the teen or college-age Android user who might occupy the cheery room in this promo photo.  Available August 6, the SlateBook will be powered by Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 4 processor, it will come with up to 2GB of RAM up to 64GB of storage. At 0.6 inches thick 3.71 pounds, it’s just an average-sized laptop, but Hs spec of up to 9.25 hours of battery life is far better than most conventional laptops achieve. ices will start at $429. The debut of the SlateBook could mean Android’s graduating to the big time. Or it could mean the ’s finally conceding to Android’s popularity. at do you think? t us know in the comments.   Correction: Due to erroneous press information, the price of the HSlateBook was corrected from $399 to $429. GreenBot regrets the error.