Maybe the advanced features we crave are on the way after all. Android lice ripped apart the A found all kinds of interesting strings for features that aren’t apparent in the app just yet. oto spheres as live wallpaper? Sounds like a neat idea! The image probably moves around as you rotate your phone. There’s an Advanced Camera Mode, which I assume is more than just the “Advanced” option in the camera settings, which only lets you enable basic exposure value adjustments. e pse mode? Check. de Angle mode? Check. ite balance adjustments? That’s in there. Focus modes from Macro to Infinity? Uh-huh! The A even lists strings for things like taking photos while shooting video, silly video effects, a “torch mode” for better flash photography. have no idea if any of this stuff is actually going to make it into Camera, or when, but strings like this generally don’t appear in a publicly-released A if the corresponding features aren’t at least in development. Maybe some won’t make the cut, or will be exclusive to Nexus devices. But it’s all good stuff, it would have made the Camera app a much bigger deal, had it launched with them.