This cyber-attack, which was supposed to be secret, was revealed by the site NBC News and reports which have been requested by the White House to the CIA. It will be a massive force in response to a recent attack that Russia will have done against the United States and, in particular, against the electoral system. The national convention of the Democratic Party have been the target of an attack and, hence, will result in the publication of 20,000 emails, personal information and on taxpayers. The idea of this attack, according to the US government, have been influencing the election results. There is still no concrete information on how or when this alleged attack will take place, but the data that exist show that will probably be the offshore accounts of Russian President to be targeted. The information NBC News realizes that within the US government, there are divisions for carrying out this attack. Many prefer to impose sanctions and not this kind of less obvious answers. There are also reports on the recurring practice of such actions. Both the White House and the CIA have a history of this kind of attacks against Russia in previous situations.