When it was revealed that the Motorola X might ship with a “ClearPixel” camera, I did my best to explain the technology, but I included a (HUGE) disclaimer saying that optics weren’t my field of expertise. Brian Klug on the other hand, he’s a full blown Optical Engineer and the guy who reviews smartphones for AnandTech. Luckily for you guys, he wrote an article about ClearPixels last night.

To be more specific, he wrote about a new image sensor from Aptina that uses “Clarity+” technology. That’s just a marketing term at the end of the day, what he’s really talking about is ClearPixel, which itself is a marketing term, ironically. Anyway, his piece is just shy of 1,000 words, and I can’t recommend enough that you read it. This conclusion is easy to digest: With proper lighting, ClearPixel isn’t going to do anything to image quality. In poor lighting conditions, however, it delivers image quality that’s “dramatically” different than what currently exists. The Moto X may be one of the first devices to get a ClearPixel camera, but it’s the kind of technology that’ll eventually be found in all flagship phones. Give it a year or two, it’ll happen.