When The Crew was announced, most racing game enthusiasts became extremely excited. Also could, the title came with more ambitious proposals for the genre, like the giant map representing the United States; the look very well worked and, of course, functions with strong appeal in gambling groups – which earned the game the nickname of caring, a mixture of the car with RPG. After the release, however, the people saw that was not the case: the giant map was there but looked completely lifeless, and the online features, like every launch surrounded by expectations and solemnly supports connecting to the internet, suffered from bugs and glitches. What was left was a game that deserved to be much more than it was.

The Crew Wild Run Edition E3 Trailer

Since then the game has received several updates that have improved some aspects of it, but a year later, is the arrival of the expansion Wild Run that makes The Crew has its best chance to give sustenance to his ambition: new game modes, vehicles, events and a general slap on the visual, which also brought the climatic effects for the title – but is it enough? The Crew: Wild Run brings a new experience that is embedded it bluntly to the original plot, without much rigmarole or claims to make sense in context. Basically, it all revolves around a traveling competition called “The Summit”, held together with a mega festival. You are invited to participate in qualifying races to then be able to enter the main event – if you have started the game from scratch, you have to move a bit in history to the invitation arrives. It is in this new event that three new game modes have been added: racing monster trucks, drift sessions and drag disputes – the famous uprooted. With them came also three new categories of customization for the vehicles, each corresponding to one of the new challenges. The monster trucks are, without any doubt, have the potential to become the most fun of the game as a whole. They have an area full of obstacles that greatly resemble a skate park. The drift in turn is the old friend of the gang Simply prepare your car and go sliding through the streets to make the most amount of points. The new mode also serves to show one of the news that came in the latest update for The Crew: climate change. During normal gameplay, the most that can be found is a light drizzle – amending subtle gameplay. The downpour it is reserved exclusively for the drift of disputes since the impact of the amount of water greatly influences the car’s grip. Anyway, cornering with enough style is not an impossible task, and challenging the right amount. Climate change reinforces, however, feel that the ambiance of The Crew is kind of “dead”: although there are some people on the streets and they react to how you fly (caraway, basically), the fact of being falling a storm does not make any difference to them. It is as if the fact of personality and bring more life to the game had been completely ignored. For some, however, this is just a detail.