Robin: Holy Android, Batman! What’s that new phone on your Bat-Belt?
Batman: Thank you for noticing, Robin, that’s the new Doogee S89 Pro, and it’s a perfect match for my outfit.
Or maybe…
Bumblebee: Optimus Prime, you’ve transformed into something so small I can’t pick you up!
Optimus Prime: I’m a phone, Bumblebee! A phone!
Look at this phone. Just look at it. If you don’t see either a Transformer or Batman’s new favorite accessory, you might need glasses. Said phone is the Doogee S89 Pro, and it’s a monster. It’s massive, heavy, and seriously fun.
It’s also not for everyone. 
You have to really like the idea of carrying around a device that will test the strength of your belt or suspenders (or both). 
Before I continue on, let’s talk specs and price of the S89 Pro. 


The first thing I will point out is the battery spec. You read it correctly, the S89 Pro ships with a 12,000-mAh battery. I’ve tested the battery life and was able to easily get an incredible three days of life from a single charge. That blows away my Pixel 6 Pro (by a long shot). One thing to keep in mind, however, is that wasn’t three days of constant usage. When really pushing the phone to its limits, you can probably expect more like 16 to 20 hours of life from the 12,000-mAh battery. But suffice to say, that battery is impressive.
Also: I made a huge Apple Watch mistake 

The fun factor

With the help of a built-in app called Light Effect, you can customize the lights on the back of the Doogee S89 Pro – the two lights that do a lot to give the phone serious Batman and Transformer vibes. Those lights can be configured to indicate incoming calls, notifications, screen-off, charge, and multimedia, or to be always on. You can also give the lights more entertaining settings, like breathe, left wink, right wink, wake up, alternate, shine, and rainbow.
And as I’ve already mentioned… there’s the phone’s armored look. If you’re into action-packed superhero films, this device will rock your world.
To add to this fun attitude, the S89 Pro’s main camera does have a few tricks up its sleeves, such as Night Vision, Video, Picture, Beauty, Night, Pro, Portrait, Give, Panorama, Mono, and QR Code. And quite honestly, although the S89 Pro might not be able to stand toe-to-toe with the latest Pixel or iPhone cameras, it can take some pretty impressive photos. Even the Portrait mode can produce impressive results. The one caveat to the Portrait mode is that it is very much manual. After you snap a photo in Portrait mode, you then have to manually adjust the blur and the depth. 
One of my favorite modes in the camera is Mono, which does take very nice monochromatic photos.

Who is the Doogee S89 Pro for?

Those who prefer flagship performance from their phones will want to stay away from the Doogee S89 Pro. However, for anyone looking for a massive, water-resistant phone with an incredible battery, fun lights, and a Batman-approved design, this phone’s for you.
The Doogee S89 Pro is all about fun and having a device that will survive drops and spills, all the while looking rather menacing to the average user.