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How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Below I’ve listed three simple methods to transfer your contacts from Android to iOS, with the first one being my go-to if you’re just starting to set up your iPhone.  Note: In order for the service to work, you’ll have to be in the iOS Setup Assistant, which is the start-up page when you first turn on your new iPhone. If you’ve already set up the device, look to the second method in this guide.

  1. Once ‘Move to iOS’ is installed, accept the terms and conditions, and allow the application to access your Android phone’s location. 
  2. You will then be asked to Find Your Code. Tap Continue. From your iPhone, follow through the Setup Assistant until you see Move Data from Android. 
  3. Enter the six or ten-digit code from the iPhone into the Android. A Transfer Data screen will appear, with a list of items you can copy over to your iPhone. If you’re just moving your contacts, check off the respective bullet. If you want to move all of your files and data, check off everything.
  4. Leave your Android and iPhone untouched while the transfer is processing. Depending on how much you’re moving from phone to phone, it can take as long as 30 minutes.  More: How to transfer your number to Apple’s newest iPhone
  5. Make sure all of the contacts on your Android device are backed up and exported to the SIM card. To do this, open up the Contacts app > tap on the menu (three stripes) icon > Manage contacts > Import or export contacts > and then Export.
  6. Once that’s completed, move your SIM card into the new iPhone – or follow this guide if it takes eSIM. 
  7. From your iPhone settings, scroll down to Contacts > Import SIM Contacts. The transfer process should take a few minutes. More: iPhone 14 drops the SIM card slot: Here’s what that means
  8. From your Android, go to the Settings app > look for the Google tab > tap Backup and make sure Contacts is toggled on for syncing. You can check by expanding Google Account data in the Backup details list. 
  9. After the backup sync is completed, switch over to your iPhone. Open up the settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > and enter in your Gmail credentials. The contacts from your Google account should sync with the iPhone and automatically begin importing. More: How to back up your Gmail: The ultimate guide