Two options are currently available: the Ecoflow Wave Portable Air Conditioner which is $1,299 with the code and the Ecoflow Wave and Ecoflow Delta Pro portable air conditioner and power bank bundle for $3,999 with the code.

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Ecoflow Wave air conditioner

These models are great for those that have an RV that can’t stay cool in the desert 100-plus degree heat or for those that are going camping and need to avoid heat stroke while in the great outdoors. The Wave air conditioner features the ability to cool up to 4,000 BTUs. It can cool a space from 86 degrees to a much-cooler 75 degrees in as little as eight minutes, and if you pair it with extra batteries, it can keep a space cool for up to 12 hours.  Plus, the Wave comes with a special app to make sure you’re getting the most out of your portable air conditioner. It offers features like bursts, maximized runtime, and more to ensure you stay cool during these long bouts of heat. You won’t even have to worry about hooking up a condensation hose – just plug it in and let it cool your space down.

Ecoflow Delta Pro portable power bank

In addition to the Wave air conditioner, the Ecoflow Delta Pro portable power bank can help keep the power going for a much longer period of time. In the event of an emergency, such as heat or power outages, the power bank can boost the Wave air conditioner from 1200 watts to 3400 watts, meaning it can cool your space faster for longer.  In addition to the Wave, it can also be hooked up to important appliances like air conditioners or generators to elongate their electrical lifespan in power outage events, so you can save your groceries from spoiling or charge much-needed devices like cell phones, laptops, and more. Reviewer David Gerwitz tested this bundle last year and felt that its solar-powered charging gave it an off-the-grid ability, really enjoying that it, “has about 15 sockets and can charge all sorts of items, from your phone to your freezer (so you don’t lose expensive food in an outage) to your coffee maker (so you can be human in an outage).”

How to get the deal

Right now, if you use code WAVE200, you can get an extra $200 off either the Wave or both the Wave and the Delta bundle. With the savings, you can get the portable air conditioner for $1,299 or the bundle for $3,999. If you’re looking for a regular air conditioner, be sure to check out our picks for the best air conditioners.