If you’ve been paying attention, you know things are starting to heat up. Just this week people in the great state of Iowa had the first chance to exercise their right to vote. The Democratic Iowa Caucus was held on Monday and things did not go smoothly. In fact, results didn’t start trickling out until the following day. But when they did, well, let’s just say Kim had a few comments on the whole debacle.

Kim’s take on this week’s Democratic Iowa Caucus

Just tap or click play to hear what Kim thought about everything that went down in Iowa. I’m taking only one side in Monday’s Iowa Caucus: It’s the side of low technology. After watching Iowa’s embarrassing Democratic Caucus, I am convinced that it is in the best interest of our country that everyone votes the old-fashioned way. Iowa’s shiny new software app promised to assist officials in reporting the precinct vote totals. Why didn’t it? Well, we can start with the fact that the software was rushed into service and was never actually tested under real conditions. Which is the primary lesson: You can never rush software development and deployment. So now, everyone is pointing fingers. Conspiracy theories are everywhere — and not one of them involves the Russians. This time, it was US. Even though my business is technology, for the good of America, at least for now, count the votes the old-fashioned way! Get Kim’s take on the latest in the tech and digital world every weekend with the Consumer Tech Update podcast. Subscribe via your favorite podcast player or listen on our site. Tap or click here to catch up on past episodes.