The Essential Phone, a brand new smartphone with an edge-to-edge display design from the Essential company, has been a long time coming. The device’s hype didn’t help with the wait, either, as Essential is headed up by Andy Rubin, and the device itself is a high-end flagship phone with a standout design and plenty of features to be excited about. And while the handset was announced months ago, the wait for its arrival, especially those who pre-ordered, has been elongated by behind-the-scenes delays. But the handset is finally shipping. Today, the official Essential Twitter account confirmed that the handset has begun shipping, and that owners should keep an eye out on their email inbox for any additional information regarding an arrival date. The Essential Phone was originally announced back in May, and, at the time, Essential had a lofty goal of shipping it out 30 days later. That didn’t exactly pan out, though, and now, near the end of August, the device is finally making its way to those who ordered the flagship handset. A review roundup of the smartphone revealed a consensus that the handset was a design triumph, but that the camera was mediocre at best (which could change over time with software updates). Now folks in the real world will be able to put the Essential Phone through the paces, and it will be interesting to see how owners accept the new smartphone. Is it time for a brand new company to arrive and shake things up? Will that be Essential and the Essential Phone? Only time will tell. Are you one owner excited to get your Essential Phone in the mail?