What’s the first thing you do when you get a new smartphone? You spend countless numbers of hours trying to find apps for it. Whether you keep on visiting the Play Store (or App Store) one or two months after first setting up your phone is another question altogether.

Some people though, and you know they’re out there, simply stick with what’s on the device itself. They don’t really bother adding third party applications, because for them, being able to browse the internet and see where they are on a map is more than enough. Enter Samsung, who just published a press release saying they’re going to offer owners of the European version of the Galaxy S4 “Need for Speed Most Wanted”, “Michelin Traffic”, “Michelin Restaurants”, “Michelin Travel”, a whole bunch of apps from the developers at Goodbeans, and “Random House Mondadori”. Now granted, these apps will need to be downloaded via the Samsung Hub, which is Samsung’s own App Store, but anyone who has ever owned a Samsung phone will tell you that you can’t really start using your device until you visit the Samsung Hub at least once. Oh and one more thing: These apps will also be available for Note II owners!