The Eve Light Strip can add light where it’s difficult to add a table lamp, offering customization for your home. You can place it behind your TV – like I did – to build the ambience during spooky Halloween movies, or you can use it behind your bed to add an easy bedtime reading light. Alternately, it’s a great option for under shelving, cabinets, and more to make sure you can see clearly throughout the day and night. It’s integrated into the Apple smart home HomeKit system, offering 1800 lumens of brightness at the touch of your iPhone or iPad. You can easily control the lighting, including color selection, switching, brightening, and dimming via the app or with a Siri voice command. It also supports the HomeKit Adaptive Lighting to automatically adjust the color temperature throughout the day. You can easily set it up within minutes – simply plug it in, attach the Light Strip, and finish setup via the app. It can handle up to 6.6 feet but can be extended for up to 32.8 feet with extensions. You will have to make sure that the 2.4GHz network is enabled on the browser.  If you have Apple HomeKit and want to add some light pizazz to your home, be sure to pick this up today. We have no idea how long this sale will last. In order to get the deal, be sure to check the extra 20% off coupon and add it to your cart to get the $41 deal. And if you’re still wanting to add more smart lights to your home and want to search for other options, be sure to check out our picks for best smart lights.