But if the case ended up not involving Apple, there is a new one that involves an iPhone and could rekindle all the controversy and it could again place face to face Apple and the FBI. Again the FBI have its hand on an iPhone that it needs to unlock, this time, iPhone came from a terrorist who was killed during an attack. The new iPhone that the FBI want to unlock belongs to Dahir Adan, the striker who last month stabbed 10 people in a shopping mall in Minnesota and would eventually be killed by the police. The FBI believes that on his phone they can obtain clues to understand the reasons for their attack and possible links to ISIS. If the San Bernardino shooter, whose iPhone the FBI eventually managed to unlock without the help of Apple, paying a large sum for it. In this new case, it is not known whether it will again choose to enjoin Apple to do or will again use alternative methods. If in the case of San Bernardino turned out to be simple data access, while in this new situation the process can be more complex. From the iOS 9, security measures are tighter and it is impossible to achieve this release using some known techniques. However, they still didn’t confirm the model of iPhone or which iOS version it is currently running on, it is too early to know what steps the FBI will take, but now it seem that the FBI will not call Apple to the court again. Moreover, the FBI stated that “We are in the process of Assessing our Legal and technical options to gain access to this device and the data it may contain”. Out of curiosity, and according to the CNN when Adan carried out this attack, he was at the mall to buy the new iPhone 7. This may be the start of another war between the FBI and Apple, which again may not result in any action by the technology giant. The urgency of the FBI in performing this release could lead to the police prefer to pay back to Apple to come out unscathed.