Google is urging Android developers to finalize testing their apps ahead of the official release, which will happen in “a few weeks.”  Android 13 includes several new features and improvements to the mobile operating system, which powers billions of devices around the globe. New features include even more Material You theming options, privacy improvements based on how apps access your photo library, and a prompt for granting an app permission to send notifications to your phone. There’s also a new permission for apps that require access to nearby WiFi devices.  Google released Android 12 in October of 2021, which was later than the company previously released major Android updates. Android 10 and 11 were released in September, while Android Pie (9) was released in August.  The update usually starts with Google’s Pixel phones, and then eventually makes its way to other phone makers, depending on how long it takes them to implement the changes.  Have you installed the Android 13 beta? If so, what are your thoughts on the changes and new features? Let us know in the comments below.