The Galaxy S6 Active is coming to AT&T on ne 12, complete with a robust exterior other features for those who want a phone that can take a beating. To generate some buzz, AT&T offered a sneak peek video featuring the obligatory happy couple with their phones on a pleasant hike through the wilderness. Here’s our take on the five most interesting features that Samsung has built into its Rambo phone. en it goes on sale pricing will be $23.17 monthly for 30 months, $28.96 for 24 payments, or $34.75 in 20 installments. 

Gear up with a camouflage

That’s right, you can get the phone in your choice of camo white, camo blue, or gray. The look is definitely unique. And given the exterior you probably won’t need to throw a case on it so you can display that military look with pride. The side has an enhanced, bumper-style exterior that is way more protective than the Galaxy S6.

Drop it dunk it

Samsung says the Galaxy S6 active can withst a drop of up to four feet on a “flat surface.” So it’s still a bad idea to let go while rock climbing. The phone is also built to hle being submerged in up to 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend trying this out, but it’s good to know if you drop it in a stream while hiking you’re not out $700.

More battery, same camera

Samsung packed in a 3500mAH battery – by comparison the stard model has a 2550 mAH.  Since the phone is designed for outdoor types, it will definitely be nice to have the extra juice. On the camera front it has the same 16Mrear 5Mfront shooter as the Galaxy S6.

Three buttons isn’t a crowd

If one is good, three are better. Instead of just a home button the Galaxy S6 active sports physical multitasking buttons. On the Galaxy S6 there’s only one. This is probably a nice add-on for when you’re stuck in the rain or climbing up a tree need a more tactile feel of where the button is.

Fire up your fitness stats

One of the best features on the Galaxy S6 is how you can double click the home button to launch the camera.  Samsung has brought this to the active, as the video demonstrates some type of quick comm for launching Samsung’s fitness application. AT&T’s site also says you’re able to launch the compass, flashlight, stopwatch. So perhaps this is a feature where you can customize which apps launch through the quick comm.