According to Wired, The Frame is an idea of the famous designer of products Yves Behar. When the TV is turned off, it activates the “Art” mode, through more than 100 paintings and photographs. The screen turns off completely if there is no activity in the room; There are motion and light sensors built into the front. These sensors also serve to adjust the screen brightness depending on ambient light. The TV integrates with the wall thanks to Invisible Connection, a thin, transparent optical cable that transmits energy and images. It connects to the One Connect Box, with HDMI inputs, USB, TV connector, among others. In addition, The Frame has a built-in bracket that allows you to hang it on the wall without any gap, such as a frame and it has interchangeable frames to match the decor. However, the South Korean giant Samsung still does not reveal any details regarding resolution, size, and price, but it should be expensive. Last year, the company launched Serif TV with a distinctive design for $1,500 (it is sold only through the store of the Museum of Modern Art). In 2014, LG launched a 55-inch “Gallery OLED” TV with built-in speakers in a frame, and It cost $7,500 which is really expensive. So, what do you think about this new Frame TV? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.