Say you want Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, but you can’t afford the high price tag. Samsung’s got something just for you, and it’s called the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Compared to the Note 3, the Neo is slightly smaller (5.5 inches versus 5.7 inches), has a screen that isn’t as impressive (720p versus 1080p), isn’t as powerful (six core Exynos versus the Snapdragon 800), and has less RAM (2 GB versus 3 GB). Best of all, the Neo looks exactly like the Note 3, but those hardware differences will shave about 150 Euros off the Note 3’s price.

All of this has been known for a few weeks now. What’s new is that SamMobile has just got their hands on press images for the Note 3 Neo. Don’t be upset if you can’t spot any differences between these photos and the Note 3’s press photos, because I certainly can’t. Maybe that’s the point? What I do know is that the press photos for the Note 3 had September 4th as the date on the lock screen. These new photos show January 27th. Should you buy the Note 3 Neo when it hits store shelves? Assuming the 599 Euro price tag is accurate, I’m going to have to say no. For that kind of cash, you can get a better phone. And the Galaxy S5 launch is just a month or two away. Chances are it’ll cost 599 Euros, and we all know it’s going to have some ridiculous high end specifications.